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PCD5042HZ [DECT burst mode controller ]

other parts : PCD5042  PCD5042H 

Philips Electronics

The PCD5042 DECT Burst Mode Controller (BMC) is a custom IC that performs the DECT Physical Layer and MAC Layer time-critical functions, for use in DECT base station products which comply with the following standards:
• DECT CI part 2: Physical layer (DE/RES 3001-2)
• DECT CI part 3 : Medium Access Control layer (DE/RES 3001-3)
• DECT CI part 7: Security features for DECT (DE/RES 3001-7)
• DECT CI part 9: Public Access Profile (DE/RES 3001-9).

The PCD5042 has interfaces to:
• Up to 4 ADPCM CODECs in a simple base station (with up to 4 analogue lines) without glue logic
• n x 64 kbits/s highway, where n = 1 to 32, for systems requiring more than 4 connections to the network
• A radio transceiver; the interface is fully decoded, and includes power-down signals
• An external microcontroller.

The PCD5042 is designed to be connected to an ADPCM CODEC (Philips’ PCD5032, for example) and an 80C51-type microcontroller. Other microcontrollers (e.g. 68000) and CODECs can also be supported.
• On-chip pre-programmed Communication Controller with embedded firmware for implementation of Traffic Bearer Control (TBC), MAC message handling, scanning, and control of the device’s other functional units.
• Fixed Part (FP) modes
• TDMA frame (de)multiplexing
• Encryption
• Scrambling
• CRC generation and checking
• Beacon transmission control (by P00 packets)
• On-chip comparator for receive data slicer function (only available in the LQFP80 package)
• Switches up to12 active speech channels from speech interface to 1152 kbits/s. radio interface, and vice versa
• Dual channel speech/data capability
• RSSI measurement, with on-chip 6-bits peak/hold detector
• Local call switching for up to 6 internal calls on RF side/local call switching on speech side.
• Quality control report
• Digital Phase Locked Loop (DPLL)
• Synchronization (handset to active bearer, base station to cluster of RFPs)
• Seamless handover procedure
• Fast (hardware) and slow (software) mute function
• 1 kbyte extended RAM memory
• On-chip crystal oscillator (13.824 MHz)
• Programmable microcontroller clock frequency
• Programmable interrupts
• Watchdog with two programmable time-outs
• Low power consumption in standby mode
• Low supply voltage (2.7 to 5.5 V)
• SACMOS technology



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