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PM8 Axial Leaded Hermetically Sealed Standard Recovery Rectifier Diode

Quick reference data
  VR = 600V - 1000V
  IF = 2.0A
  trr = 3µS
  IR = 1.0µA
♦ Avalanche capability
♦ High thermal shock resistance
♦ Glass passivated for hermetic sealing
♦ Low reverse leakage currents
♦ Low forward voltage drop


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PM8380 4-Channel Multiplexer and Link Extender for SAS, SATA, Ethernet and FC

• Four bi-directional 2:1 SATA or SAS multiplexer/demultiplexer.
• Compliant with SAS Internal and External specification.
• SATA Gen1i, Gen1x, Gen2i, Gen2x compliant.
• In the downstream direction, the QuadSMX 3G demuxes the initiator-side receive ports to either the A or B device-side transmit ports.
• In the upstream direction, the QuadSMX 3G selects either the A or B device-side receive port

PM8310 High Density T1/E1 Framer, VT/TU Mapper & M13 Mux with Integrated SONET/SDH Framers

The PM8310 TEMUX 336 is a high density T1/E1, DS3/E3 framer, VT/TU mapper, and M13 multiplexer with integrated SONET/SDH framers for OC-12/STM-4 and 4xOC-3/STM-1 applications. Feature integration and scalability make the TEMUX 336 ideal for use in ATCA/AMC line cards, voice and media gateways, routers, and multi-service and edge aggre gation switches.

• 8 OC-3/STM-1 or 2 OC-12/STM-4 SONET/SDH framers
• 336 T1/252 E1

other parts : PM8310TEMUX336 
PM8316 High Density 84-Channel T1/E1/J1 Framer with Integrated VT/TU Mappers and M13

The PM8316 TEMUX-84 is a 155 Mbit/s multi-channel T1/E1 Framer with integrated VT/TU Mappers and M13 Multiplexers.
• This monolithic device integrates:
   • 84 T1 framers
   • 63 E1 framers
   • Three SONET/SDH VT1.5/VT2/TU11/TU12 bit asynchronous or byte synchronous mappers
   • Three full featured M13 multiplexers with DS3 framers
   • Three SONET/SDH DS3

PM8372 4-Port FC/GE Retimer and FC-AL Port Bypass Controller

• Supports 4 Fibre Channel Physical Interfaces at 1.0625 or 2.125 Gbit/s per Fibre Channel – Physical Interface (FC-PI) or 4 Gigabit Ethernet Retimers at 1.25 Gbit/s per IEEE 802.3z.
• Each port supports FC 1G or 2G rate detection/auto-selection.
• Supports Arbitrated Loop and Retimer configuration.
• Each port is independently selectable to perform retimer, reclocker or bypass-path function.
• Non-blocking crossconnect

PM8611 SBSLITE™ Telecom Standard Product Data Sheet Preliminary

• The PM8611 SBI336 Bus Serializer (SBSLITE™) is a:
   ° Scalable Bandwidth Interconnect (SBI™) converter and Time Division Multiplexer (TDM) SBI switch.
   ° Byte-wide 77.76 MHz SBI336 bus to 777.6 MHz serial SBI336S converter.
   ° DS0, NxDS0, T1, E1, TVT1.5, TVT2, DS3 and E3 granular SBI336 to serial SBI336S switch. Supports subrate link switching with the restriction that subrate links must be

other parts : PM8611-BIAP 
PM8315 4-Channel 1.0-1.25 Gbps Transceiver

• Integrates 28 T1 framers, 21 E1 framers, a SONET/SDH VT1.5/VT2/TU11/TU12 bit asynchronous mapper, a full featured M13 multiplexer with DS3 framer, and a SONET/SDH DS3 mapper in a single monolithic device for terminating DS3 multiplexed T1 streams, SONET/SDH mapped T1 streams or SONET/SDH mapped E1 streams.
• Seven T1 modes of operation:
   • Up to 28 T1 streams mapped as bit asynchronous VT1.5 virtual tributaries into a STS-1 SPE or

other parts : PM8315-PI 
PM8379 20-Port 4.25 Gbit/s FC-AL Cut-Through Switch

The CTS 20x4G is designed to interface directly to Fibre Channel disk drives in a storage array. It can interface directly to optics or to cables at the ingress/egress point of an enclosure and is able to determine if an incoming frame is destined for a drive within that enclosure. After determining which port is associated with the frames recipient, a cut through operation to that port is performed thereby significantly reducing system latency and improving performance.
The CTS 20x4G

PM8172 PM8172 System Controller

The PM8172 system controller is ideal for various designs of advanced set-top boxes, DVD players, game stations, and Internet terminal appliances. The PM8172 interfaces to PMC-Sierra’s RM5231A, RM7035C and RM7935 MIPS RISC processors.

• Connects to PMC-Sierra’s RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 64-bit MIPS RISC microprocessors.
• Supports CPU bus frequencies up to 100 MHz.

• 32-bit

PM8312 High-Density 32-Channel T1/E1/J1 Framer with Integrated VT/TU Mapper & M13 Multiplexer

The PM8312 TEMUX 32 device is a 64-Mbit/s multi-channel T1/E1 framer with an integrated VT/TU Mapper and M13 Multiplexer.

• This monolithic device integrates:
• 32 T1 framers.
• 32 E1 framers.
• One SONET/SDH VT1.5/VT2/TU11/TU12 bit asynchronous or byte synchronous mapper.
• One full-featured M13 multiplexer with DS3 framer.
• One SONET/SDH DS3 mapper for terminating

other parts : PM8312TEMUX32 



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