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RA8806 [Two Layers Character/Graphic LCD Controller Specification ]

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General Description
RA8806 is a LCD controller for Dot-Matrix type STN-LCD which supports both character and graphic mode display. The RA8806 has built-in two Display Data RAM(DDRAM) for two layers display, and has an embedded font ROM which is capable of displaying the full-size(16x16 pixels) traditional Chinese font(BIG5, 13973 characters) or simplified Chinese font(GB, 9216 characters). RA8806 also contains 4x256 embedded half-size (8x16 pixels) characters that can display ISO8859-1 ~ 4(or called Latin-1 ~ 4) alphabets using at most of English speaking and Europe countries.

◆ Support text and graphics mode.
◆ Maximum resolution: 320x240 with 2-Layers
   overlay display (AND, OR, NOR and XOR).
◆ Extension Mode: 640x240 or 320x480 with
   single layer.
◆ Support 4/8-bits of 6800/8080 MPU interface
   and 4/8-bits driver interface.
◆ Built-In smart 8x8 or 4x8 key-scan circuit with
   programmable long key function.
◆ Support horizontal and vertical area scrolling
◆ Built-In GB/BIG5 and ASCII font ROM.
◆ Support 90°, 180°, 270° font and display
◆ Support font enlargement(x1 ~ x4 in
   Horizontal and Vertical direction)
◆ Built-In 512Byte CGRAM for user-created
   _ Half-size: 8x16
   _ Full-size: 16x16
◆ Un-used DDRAM could be used as a
   CGRAM of 300 full-size or 600 half-size
◆ Flexible interrupt/polling mechanism for touch
   panel, key-scan and power mode
◆ Support font alignment function.
◆ Support 4-gray-scale display (FRC mode).
◆ Support bold font and row-row interval setting
◆ Built-In smart resister type touch panel
◆ Built-In PWM for contrast or back-light control
◆ Power mode to reduce power consumption.
◆ Clock source: 4M ~ 12MHz crystal or external
◆ Built-In a 5V-to-3V DC/DC converter
◆ Power supply: 2.4V ~ 5.5V
◆ Package: Die, LQFP-100, TQFP-80 Pins

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