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TA1218N [Audio/Video Switching IC for TVs ]

other parts : TA1218  TA1218F 


The TA1218N/F is an audio/video switching IC for TV sets. Conforming to I2C bus standards, it allows you to perform various switching operations through the bus lines by using a microcomputer. Thanks to its 2-channel outputs, the TA1218N/F can also be used for the PIP systems. Furthermore, since the presence of a signal on its sync signal output pin can be determined by a microcomputer, it is possible to check each input/output channel (self-diagnosis). This IC has the same pin assignments as the TA1219AN (SDIP36), a 1-channel output version of the TA1218N/F, so these chips are pin compatible on pins 3 to 20 and 23 to 40.

• I2C bus control
• Video : 5-channel inputs and 2-channel outputs (2 channels conforming to S system)
• Audio : 5-channel inputs and 3-channel outputs
• Self-diagnostic function
• ADC inputs based on European 21-pin standards
• Switchable subaddress

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