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TEA1098AH [Speech and handsfree IC ] Philips
Philips Electronics

The TEA1098A is an analog bipolar circuit dedicated for telephony applications. It includes a line interface, handset (HS) microphone and earpiece amplifiers, handsfree (HF) microphone and loudspeaker amplifiers and a duplex controller with signal and noise monitors on both channels. Digital volume control is available both on earphone and loudspeaker amplifiers.

Line interface
• Low DC line voltage
• Voltage regulator with adjustable DC voltage
• Symmetrical high impedance inputs (70 kΩ) for dynamic, magnetic or electret microphones
• DTMF input with confidence tone on earphone and/or loudspeaker
• Earphone amplifier for dynamic, magnetic or piezo-electric earpieces (with externally adjustable gain)
• Digital volume control on earphone amplifier (4 steps)
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for true line loss compensation
• Microphone mute
• Key tone mode.

• Provides a strong 3.35 V regulated supply for microcontroller or dialler
• Provides filtered power supply, optimized according to line current
• Filtered 2.0 V power supply output for electret microphone
• PD logic input for power-down.

• Asymmetrical high input impedance for electret microphone
• Loudspeaker amplifier with single-ended rail-to-rail output and externally adjustable gain
• Dynamic limiter on loudspeaker amplifier to prevent distortion
• Digital volume control on loudspeaker amplifier (8 steps)
• Duplex controller consisting of:
– Signal and noise envelope monitors for both channels (with adjustable sensitivities and timing)
– Decision logic (with adjustable switch-over and Idle mode timing)
– Voice switch control (with adjustable switching range and constant sum of gain during switching).

• Line powered telephone sets.

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