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HT819D0-16DIP [4.2 Second LOG-PCM Speech ]

other parts : HT819D0  HT819D0-16  HT819D1  HT819D0-16SOP 

Holtek Semiconductor

General Description
The HT819D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synthesizer LSI with 4.2-second voice capacity at a 6kHz sampling rate. The chip when triggered drives a speaker through an external transistor with a current switch D/A converter output. Negligible current will be consumed in the standby state.
The HT819D0 provides 6 key inputs and 2 programmable FLAG outputs. With a 2.4V~5.0V power supply, a complete synthesized voice playback system can be easily built with very few external components.
The customer’s voice sources are recorded section by section into an internal mask ROM. The sectional playback arrangement instructions of each key are stored in the table ROM. The key features are also programmable. With such a flexible structure, the HT819D0 is excellent for versatile voice applications.

• Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.0V
• Directly drives an external transistor
• Low standby current (1µA typ. for VDD=3V)
• Minimal external components
• 252 words table ROM for key functions
• Programmable silence length and end-pulse width (minimal end-pulse width is 330µs at a 6kHz sampling rate)
• 4.2-second voice capacity
• Section options:
   – Retriggerable
   – Non-retriggerable
• FLAG1 options:
   – End-pulse output
   – 3HzB flash
   – 6HzB flash
   – Voice output indication
   – Busy output
• FLAG2 options:
   – 3Hz flash
   – 6Hz flash
   – Busy output
• Controllable volume
• 6 keys
• Key options:
   – Stop key: KEY6
   – Random (only for KEY1)
   – Sequential (only for KEY1)
   – Repeat (for all KEYs)
   – Key debounce time (for all KEYs): 700µs, 22ms, 45ms, 180ms (based on a 6kHz sam pling rate of)
   – One shot (for all KEYs)
   – Pull-high resistance (for all KEYs)
• Dice form or 16-pin DIP/SOP

• Toys
• Alarm clocks
• Public address system
• Alert and warning system
• Sound effect generators

HT82M30A-16DIP-A [3/5-Key 3D PS/2 Optical Mouse Controller ]

other parts : HT82M30A  HT82M30A-18DIP-A 

Holtek Semiconductor

General Description
The HT82M30A is designed as 2D, 3D 3/5-key PS/2 optical mouse controller. These have serial interface to access the Agilent sensor H2051, H2610, H2620 or the same compatible series sensor. Refer to the datasheets for detailed register descriptions of the Agilent sensors.

  Operating voltage: 4.0V~5.5V
  Microsoft Intelli 3D PS/2 and IBM PS/2 mouse compatible
  Microsoft Windows 2000 and 5-button Wheel mouse compatible
  Z-axis can support three kinds of scroller input divided by 2 or 4 (only for H2610 and H2620)
  Supports 400 or 800 DPI for H2051
  Serial interface with H2051, H2610, H2620
  Auto detect as to which photo sensor is used
  2MHz RC oscillator for system frequency with external pull-high resistor (140kΩ)
  16/18-pin DIP package


IRKH170-16D20 [SCR / SCR and SCR / DIODE MAGN-A-pak™ Power Modules ]

other parts : IRK.170  IRK.230  IRK.250  IRKH170  IRKH170-04D20  IRKH170-04D25  IRKH170-08D20 

International Rectifier

This new IRK serie of MAGN-A-paks modules uses high voltage power thyristor/thyristor and thyristor/diode in seven basic configurations. The semiconductors are electrically isolated from the metal base, allowing common heatsinks and compact assemblies to be built. They can be interconnected to form single phase or three phase bridges or as AC-switches when modules are connected in anti-parallel mode.
These modules are intended for general purpose applications such as battery chargers, welders and plating equipment and where high voltage and high current are required (motor drives, U.P.S., etc.).

■ High voltage
■ Electrically isolated base plate
■ 3000 VRMS isolating voltage
■ Industrial standard package
■ Simplified mechanical designs, rapid assembly
■ High surge capability
■ Large creepage distances
■ UL E78996 approved

DSA1-16D [Rectifier Diode Avalanche Diode ]

other parts : DS1  DS1-12D  DSA1  DSA1-12D  DSA1-18D 


VRRM = 1200-1800 V
IF(RMS) = 7 A
IF(AV)M = 2.3 A

● Plastic standard package
● Planar glassivated chips

● Low power rectifiers
● Field supply for DC motors
● Power supplies
● High voltage rectifiers

● Space and weight savings
● Simple PCB mounting
● Improved temperature and power cycling
● Reduced protection circuits


DF11-16DEP-2A [2mm Double-Row Connector (Product Compliant to UL/CSA Standard) ]

other parts : DF11-10DEP-2A  DF11-10DEP-2C  DF11-10DEP-2DS  DF11-10DEP-2DSA  DF11-10DEP-2R26  DF11-10DEP-2V  DF11-10DP-2A 


1. Space-saving on Board Realized
Double rows of 2mm pitch contact has been condensed within the 5mm width. The multiple number of signals can be secured in the same space as the conventional 2mm single-row contact.
2. Broad Variation
The insulation displacement and crimping methods are prepared for connection. Thus, board to cable, in-line, board to board connectors are provided in order to widen a board design variation.
In addition, "Gold" or "Tin" can be selected for the plating according application, while the SMT products line up.
3. Applicable Wire Covers Wide Range
According to the double rows of 2mm pitch compact design, the applicable wire can cover AWG22 to 30.
4. The ID Type Connector Achieves Connection Work.
Using the full automatic insulation displacement machine, the complicated multi-harness can be easily connected, reducing the man-hour and eliminating the manual work process.

Business equipments such as copy machine, printer and so on.

80C32-16D [CMOS 0 to 44 MHz Single-chip 8 Bit Microcontroller ]

other parts : 80C32  80C32-12D  80C32-12R  80C32-16R  80C32-20D  80C32-20R  80C32-25D 

Temic Semiconductors

MHS’s 80C52 and 80C32 are high performance CMOS versions of the 8052/8032 NMOS single chip 8 bit µC. The fully static design of the MHS 80C52/80C32 allows to reduce system power consumption by bringing the clock frequency down to any value, even DC, without loss of data.

Power control modes
256 bytes of RAM
8 Kbytes of ROM (80C52)
32 programmable I/O lines
Three 16 bit timer/counters
64 K program memory space
64 K data memory space
Fully static design
0.8µCMOS process
Boolean processor
6 interrupt sources
Programmable serial port
Temperature range : commercial, industrial, automotive,military

MS25042-16D_2005 [Protective Plug and ReceptacleCovers ]

other parts : MS25042-8D_2005  MS25042-8DA_2005  MS25042-10D_2005  MS25042-10DA_2005  MS25042-12D_2005  MS25042-12DA_2005  MS25042-14D_2005 

DF1B-16DEP-2.5DS [2.5mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection (Product Compliant with UL/CSA Standard) ]

other parts : DF1B-10DEP-2.5DS  DF1B-10DEP-2.5DSA  DF1B-10DEP-2.5RC  DF1B-10DES-2.5DS  DF1B-10DES-2.5DSA  DF1B-10DES-2.5RC  DF1B-10DP--2.5DS(01) 

GT10-16DP-DS [Subminiature ECU Interface Connectors ]

other parts : GT10-16DP-HU  GT10-16DP-R  GT10-16DS-HU  GT10-2022PCF  GT10-2022SCF  GT10-2428SCF  GT10M-6/1DP-DS 

MF72-16D11 [Power NTC Thermistor ]

other parts : MF72-0.7D20  MF72-0.7D25  MF72-1.3D13  MF72-1.3D15  MF72-1.3D20  MF72-1.5D13  MF72-1.5D15 


The MF72 series Power NTC Thermistors provide inrush current suppression for sensitive electronics. Connecting a MF72 in series with the power source will limit the current surges typically created at turn on. Once the circuit is energized the resistance of the MF72 will decrease rapidly to a very low value, power consumption can be ignored and there will be no effect on normal operating current.

Using the MF72 Power NTC Thermistor is a most cost-effective way to curb surge current and protect sensitive electronics from damage.


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