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MCR100JZHFL9R1 Low Ohmic Thick Film Chip Resistors

Low Ohmic Thick Film Chip Resistors
MCR Series < General Purpose >

1)  Very-low ohmic resistance from 47mis in lineup by thick-film resistive element.
2)  ROHM resistors have obtained ISO9001 / ISO / TS16949 certification.
3)  "Automotive" product is AEC-Q200 compliant.

MS105N100J3723T MIS/MOS Single Layer Capacitors

Metal Insulator Semiconductor/Metal Oxide Semiconductor

For applications in RF, Microwave and GHz ranges, AVX offers MIS/MOS Capacitors. These are Single Layer Capacitors (SLCs) that use Silicon Nitride or Silicon Dioxide to produce small, high Q, temperature stable, high break down voltage, low leakage capacitors. To ease assembly, AVX offers a wide range of termination styles for epoxy or solder die attach and subsequent Gold or Aluminum wire thermoson ic and ultrasonic bonding. Custom applications and designs are welcome. Please contact your local representative.

• MIS, SiON dielectric up to 100V applications
• MOS, SiO2 dielectric up to 50V applications
• Sizes as small as 10 mils (254µm) squared
• DC to GHz operation
• High Q, low leakage


other parts : MS10 MS102N100F3723D MS102N100F3723T MS102N100F3723W MS102N100J3723D MS102N100J3723T MS102N100J3723W MS102N100K3723D MS102N100K3723T MS102N100K3723W 
1808GA100JAT3A High Voltage MLC Chips

High Voltage MLC Chips
For 600V to 5000V Applications

other parts : 1206AXXX 1206CXXX 1206GXXX 1206HXXX 1206JAXXX 1206JXXX 1206KXXX 1206SXXX 1206WXXX 1206XXX 
1808GA100JA13A High Voltage MLC Chips

High Voltage MLC Chips
For 600V to 5000V Applications

other parts : 1206AXXX 1206CXXX 1206GXXX 1206HXXX 1206JAXXX 1206JXXX 1206KXXX 1206SXXX 1206WXXX 1206XXX 
SV14AA100JAA High Voltage MLC Radials

other parts : SV01 SV01AA100JAA SV01AA100KAA SV01AA100MAA SV01AA100ZAA SV01AA101JAA SV01AA101KAA SV01AA101MAA SV01AA101ZAA SV01AA102JAA 
CD10CD100JO3F Mica Capacitors, Standard Dipped Types CD10, D10, CD15, CD19, CD30, CD42, CDV19, CDV30

Stability and mica go hand-in-hand when you need to count on stable capacitance over a wide temperature range. CDE’s standard dipped silvered mica capacitors are the frst choice for timing and close tolerance applications. These standard types are widely available through distribution.

- Reel packaging available
- High temperature – up to +150 ºC
- Dimensions meet EIA RS153B specifcation
- 100,000 V/µs dV/dt pulse capability minimum
- Non-flammable units that meet IEC 695-2-2 are available

other parts : CD10 CD10CD010DO3 CD10CD010DO3F CD10CD020DO3 CD10CD020DO3F CD10CD030DO3 CD10CD03F0DO3F CD10CD050DO3 CD10CD050DO3F CD10CD070DO3 
CS20604MX100J330KE Resistor/Capacitor Networks ECL Terminators and Line Terminator, Conformal Coated, SIP

• 4 to 18 pins available
• X7R and COG capacitors available
• Low cross talk
• Custom design capability
• “B” 0.250" [6.35 mm], “C” 0.350" [8.89 mm] and “E” 0.325" [8.26 mm] maximum seated height available, dependent on schematic
• 10K ECL terminators, Circuits E and M. 100K ECL terminators, Circuit A. Line terminator, Circuit T


other parts : 20608EC103G471KP CS206 CS20604AC100G104KE CS20604AC100G104ME CS20604AC100G330KE CS20604AC100G330ME CS20604AC100G392KE CS20604AC100G392ME CS20604AC100G471KE CS20604AC100G471ME 
SV07JA100JAA High Voltage MLC Radials

other parts : SV01 SV01AA100JAA SV01AA100KAA SV01AA100MAA SV01AA100ZAA SV01AA101JAA SV01AA101KAA SV01AA101MAA SV01AA101ZAA SV01AA102JAA 
TR100JBL1K00 TO-220 and TO-247 Style Power Resistor

[Stackpole Electronics, Inc.]

• TR20/30/35/50/50H comes in TO-220 style power package
• TR100 available in TO-247 style power package
• TR30/35/50H/100 has single screw mounting to heat sink
• Molded case for environmental protection
• Electrically isolated case
• Non-inductive package


other parts : TO-220 TO-247 TR100 TR1001K10K0 TR1001K10K00.5 TR1001K10K00.5B TR1001K10K01 TR1001K10K010 TR1001K10K010B TR1001K10K01B 
SMR5224K100J06L4BULK Leaded Film Capacitors

Polyphenylene sulphide film capacitor with vacuum-evaporated aluminum electrodes. Radial leads of tinned wire are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of the capacitor winding. Encapsulation in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements of UL 94V-0.

• Metallized polyphenylene sulfide
• Stable +150 °C high temperature capacitor

other parts : SMR10103K100A01L4BULK SMR10103K250A01L4BULK SMR10103K400A01L4BULK SMR10103K50A01L4BULK SMR10103K63A01L4BULK SMR10104K100A01L4BULK SMR10104K250A02L4BULK SMR10104K50A01L4BULK SMR10104K63A01L4BULK SMR10105K50A03L4BULK 


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