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P2010 QorIQ P2010 and P2020 Processors

The QorIQ mid-performance tier, which includes the P2020 (dual-core processor) and P2010 (single-core processor) communications processors, delivers high single-threaded performance per watt for a wide variety of applications in the networking, telecom, military and industrial markets. These P2 devices deliver dual- and single-core frequencies up to 1.2 GHz on a 45 nm technology low-power platform.
The QorIQ P2020 and P2010 dual- and single-core products are pin

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CR2010 Surface Mounted Resistors

CR Series
•CECC released products
•Custom designs/sizes available
•Any resistance value available within specified range
•Terminations available for wire bonding or soldering
•Available in sizes down to 0503
•Resistance range 1 ohm to100M ohms
•Tolerances down to 0.1%
•Solder terminations have a nickel barrier layer
•Shorting Links available

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RTD2010 Flat Panel Display Controller

General Description
The Realtek RTD2010 is a highly-integrated single chip IC controller solution for producing real time, top quality digital video and computer graphic images on LCD monitor/flat panel displays, such as XGA LCD monitors. LCD monitors and flat panel displays provide a sharp, flicker free display while saving space and energy for desktop PC applications. The RTD2010 provides an ideal interface between industry standard digital graphics controllers and a wide variety of

AC2010 Chip Resistor Surface Mount

Comply with AEC-Q200 standard
Superior resistance against sulfur containing atmosphere
MSL class: MSL 1
AC series soldering is compliant with J-STD-020D
Halogen free epoxy
RoHS compliant
  - Products with lead-free terminations meet RoHS requirements
  - Pb-glass contained in electrodes,resistor element and glass are exempted by RoHS
Reduce environmentally hazardous waste
High component and equipment

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MUR2010 Plastic Ultra-Fast Recover Rectifier

Reverse Voltage 100 to 600 V
Forward Current 20 A

• Low Power Loss,High Efficiency
• Low Forward Voltage Drop
• High Current Capability
• Lead and body according with RoHS standard


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2010 Thick Film Chip Resistors

Precious metal terminations are screen printed onto a ceramic base and fired. The resistive element is screen printed and fired and the passivation layer added. Each resistor is trimmed to tolerance by laser. The pre-scribed tile is broken into strips, the end plating is fired on and the strips broken into individual components. Final termination is made by electroplating.

Key Features
■ Thick film resistors with a high power to size ratio,ideally suited to industrial and

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MUR2010 Plastic Ultra-Fast Recover Rectifier

Reverse Voltage 100 to 600 V
Forward Current 20 A

• Low Power Loss, High Efficiency
• Low Forward Voltage Drop
• High Current Capability
• Lead and body according with RoHS standard


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AT-42010 Up to 6 GHz Medium Power Silicon Bipolar Transistor

Hewlett-Packard’s AT-42010 is a general purpose NPN bipolar transistor that offers excellent high frequency performance. The AT-42010 is housed in a hermetic, high reliability 100 mil ceramic package. The 4 micron emitter-to emitter pitch enables this transistor to be used in many different functions. The 20 emitter finger interdigitated geometry yields a medium sized transistor with impedances that are easy to match for low noise and medium power applications. This


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