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other parts : EM91215  EM91215AP  EM91215B  EM91215BP  EM91215C  EM91215CK 

ELAN Microelectronics

The EM91215 is a series of tone/pulse switchable dialers that is composed of T/P dialer and T/P dialer with 13 set memories. The EM91215 series provides necessary functions of telephone set for application in any
environment, such as Pulse dialing, Tone (DTMF) dialing, Handfree dialing, keying tone , mute and pulse mute functions. Beside this, SDO (Serial Data Output) functions is provided in advance version that is designed to drive LCD driver and voice synthesizer. In this application, the dialing numbers can be displayed on LCD screen with EM32100 ( or EM32116 ).

• Tone/Pulse switchable.
• Wide operating voltage from 2.0 V to 5.5 V.
• Low operating current, 0.15 mA (Pulse) and 0.3 mA (Tone) typically.
• Adding resistor on keyboard scan pin that can select many telephone specifications, such as : Pulse rate,
M/B ratio, Flash time, Pause time, P-T wait time and keyboard type.
• SDO function supports LCD driver and voice synthesizer to indicate dialing numbers.
• Handfree function provides on-hook dialing and speakerphone application.
• 13 set one touch or (3 set one touch and 10 set two touch) repertory memory, each one can store data up to 16 digits.
• A 32-digit LNB (last number) redial memory.
• A 32-digit SAVE redial memory.
• Keytone function provides rapidly keying recognition.
• Pulse mute function supports pulse dialing application.
• Using 3.579545 MHz crystal or ceramic resonator.
• Package forms: PDIP , skinny.


OP215AJMDA [Dual Precision JFET-Input Operational Amplifier ]

other parts : 5962-8838032A2  5962-8853801GA2  5962-8853801PA  OP215AZMDA  OP215BRCMDA  OP215EZ_02  OP215GP_02 

Analog Devices

The OP215 offers the proven JFET-input performance advantages of high speed and low input bias current with the tracking and convenience advantages of a dual op amp configuration.
Low input offset voltages, low input currents, and low drift are featured in these high-speed amplifiers.
On-chip zener-zap trimming is used to achieve low VOS, while a bias-current compensation scheme gives a low input bias current at elevated temperature. Thus, the OP215 features an input bias current of 1.4 nA at 70∞C ambient (not junction) temperature which greatly extends the application usefulness of this device.
Applications include high-speed amplifiers for current output DACs, active filters, sample-and-hold buffers, and photocell amplifiers. For additional precision JFET op amps, see the OP249 and AD712 data sheets.

   High Slew Rate: 10 V/μs Min
   Fast Settling Time: 0.9 μs to 0.1% Type
   Low Input Offset Voltage Drift: 10 μV/°C Max
   Wide Bandwidth: 3.5 MHz Min
   Temperature-Compensated Input Bias Currents
   Guaranteed Input Bias Current: 18 nA Max (125°C)
   Bias Current Specified Warmed Up over Temperature
   Low Input Noise Current: 0.01 pA/√Hz Type
   High Common-Mode Rejection Ratio 86 dB Min
   Pin Compatible with Standard Dual Pinouts
   Models with MIL-STD-883 Class B Processing Available

SK215A [2.0AMPS. Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifiers ]

other parts : SK210A  SK22A  SK23A  SK24A  SK25A  SK26A  SK29A 

TSC Corporation

◇ For surface mounted application
◇ Metal to silicon rectifier, majority carrier conduction
◇ Low forward voltage drop
◇ Easy pick and place
◇ High surge current capability
◇ Plastic material used carriers Underwriters Laboratory Classigication 94V-0
◇ High temperature soldering: 260℃ /10 seconds at terminals
◇ Green compound with suffix "G" on packing code & prefix "G" on datecode
◇ Epitaxial construction

INA215A [Voltage Output, Low- or High-Side Measurement, Bidirectional, Zero-Drift Series, Current-Shunt Monitors ]

other parts : INA210  INA210A  INA210B  INA210C  INA211  INA211A  INA211B 

Texas Instruments

The INA21x are voltage-output, current-shunt monitors (also called current-sense amplifiers) that are commonly used for overcurrent protection, precision-current measurement for system optimization, or in closed-loop feedback circuits. This series of devices can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from –0.3 V to 26 V, independent of the supply voltage. Six fixed gains are available: 50 V/V, 75 V/V, 100 V/V, 200 V/V, 500 V/V, or 1000 V/V. The low offset of the zero-drift architecture enables current sensing with maximum drops across the shunt as low as 10-mV full-scale.
These devices operate from a single 2.7-V to 26-V power supply, drawing a maximum of 100 µA of supply current. All versions are specified over the extended operating temperature range (–40°C to +125°C), and offered in SC70 and UQFN packages.

• Wide Common-Mode Range: –0.3 V to 26 V
• Offset Voltage: ±35 μV (Maximum, INA210)
   (Enables Shunt Drops of 10-mV Full-Scale)
• Accuracy:
   – Gain Error (Maximum Over Temperature):
      – ±0.5% (Version C)
      – ±1% (Versions A and B)
   – 0.5-µV/°C Offset Drift (Maximum)
   – 10-ppm/°C Gain Drift (Maximum)
• Choice of Gains:
   – INA210: 200 V/V
   – INA211: 500 V/V
   – INA212: 1000 V/V
   – INA213: 50 V/V
   – INA214: 100 V/V
   – INA215: 75 V/V
• Quiescent Current: 100 μA (Maximum)
• SC70 and Thin UQFN Packages: All Models

• Notebook Computers
• Cell Phones
• Telecom Equipment
• Power Management
• Battery Chargers

DWFC0215A001111 [Dual Window Single Mode Wideband Fiber Coupler (1310 nm and 1510 nm band) ]

other parts : DWFC0101A001111  DWFC0101A001112  DWFC0101A001113  DWFC0101A001114  DWFC0101A001115  DWFC0101A001116  DWFC0101A001117 


Product Description
The Oplink fused dual window wideband fiber 1x2 (2x2) couplers provide accurate optical signal coupling and splitting over wide bandwidth with high performance and high reliability. These couplers have excellent uniformity, low excess loss and very low polarization sensitivity and are available with various tap ratios, fiber types, and connector options. All devices are shown to be able to handle high optical power up to 4W and are tested according to industry standard procedures. Reliability is guaranteed through stringent tests to fully meet Telcordia GR-1221 requirements.

OP-215AH [Dual Precision JFET Input Operational Amplifiers ]

other parts : OP-215  OP215  LF412A  LF412AMH  LF412MH  LF412ACH  LF412CH 

Linear Technology

NCP1215A [Low Cost Variable OFF Time Switched Mode Power Supply Controller ]

other parts : NCP1215ADR2  NCP1215ADR2G  NCP1215ASNT1  NCP1215ASNT1G 

ON Semiconductor

The NCP1215A is a controller for low power off−line flyback Switchemode Power Supplies (SMPS) featuring low size, weight and cost constraints together with a good low standby power performance. The operating principle uses switching frequency reduction at light load by increasing the OFF Time. Also, when OFF Time expands, the peak current is gradually reduced down to approximately 1/4 of the maximum peak current to prevent from exciting the transformer mechanical resonances. The risk of acoustic noise is thus greatly diminished while keeping good standby power performance.
A low power internal supply block also ensures very low current consumption at startup without hampering the standby power performance.
A special primary current sensing technique minimizes the impact of SMPS switching on control IC operation. The choice of peak voltage across the current sense resistor allows dissipation to be further reduced. The negative current sensing technique offers advantages over a traditional approach by avoiding the voltage drop incurred by traditional MOSFET source sensing. Thus, the IC drive capability is greatly improved.
Finally, the bulk input ripple ensures a natural frequency dithering which smooths the EMI signature.

• Pb−Free Package is Available
• Variable OFF Time Control Method
• Very Low Current Consumption at Startup
• Natural Frequency Dithering for Improved EMI Signature
• Current Mode Control Operation
• Peak Current Compression Reduces Transformer Noise
• Programmable Current Sense Resistor Peak Voltage
• Undervoltage Lockout
• Pb−Free Packages are Available

Typical Applications
• Auxiliary Power Supply
• Standby Power Supply
• AC−DC Adapter
• Off−line Battery Charger


SK215A [2.0AMP.Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifiers ]

other parts : SK210A  SK22A  SK23A  SK24A  SK25A  SK26A  SK29A 

Shenzhen Luguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

   For surface mounted application
   Metal to silicon rectifier, majority carrier conduction
   Low forward voltage drop
   Easy pick and place
   High surge current capability
   Plastic material used carriers Underwriters Laboratory Classification 94V-0
   Epitaxial construction
   High temperature soldering: 260oC / 10 seconds at terminals

AQV215A [Controls low-level input signals. Controls load voltage 60V to 600V. GU PhotoMOS (AQV21❍, AQV214H) ]

other parts : AQV210  AQV210A  AQV210AX  AQV210AZ  AQV210HLA  AQV210HLAX  AQV212 

Panasonic Corporation

1. Controls low-level analog signals
   PhotoMOS relays feature extremely low
   closed-circuit offset voltage to enable
   control of low-level analog signals without
2. Control with low-level input signals
3. Controls various types of loads such
   as relays, motors, lamps and sole noids.
4. Optical coupling for extremely high isolation
   Unlike mechanical relays, the PhotoMOS
   relay combines LED and optoelectronic
   device to transfer signals using light for
   extremely high isolation.
5. Eliminates the need for a counter electromotive force
   protection diode in the drive circuits on the input side
6. Stable on resistance
7. Low-level off state leakage current
8. Eliminates the need for a power supply to drive the power MOSFET
   A power supply used to drive the power
   MOSFET is unnecessary because of the
   built-in optoelectronic device. This results
   in easy circuit design and small PC board area.
9. Low thermal electromotive force (Approx. 1 µV)

• High-speed inspection machines
• Telephone equipment
• Data communication equipment
• Computer

SR215A0 [Schottky Barrier Rectifier ]

other parts : SR202A0  SR202A0G  SR202B0  SR202B0G  SR202HA0  SR202HB0  SR202HR0 

TSC Corporation

- Low forward voltage drop
- Low power loss, high efficiency
- Guardring for overvoltage protection
- High surge current capability
- Halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21 definition
- Compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and in accordance to WEEE 2002/96/EC


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