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SF306A [30 Ampere Dual Common Anode Fast Recovery Half Bridge Rectifiers ]

other parts : SF304A  SF307A 

Thinki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

* Low forward voltage drop
* Latest GPP technology with super fast recovery time
* High current capability
* High surge current capability
* Low reverse leakage current

* Automotive Inverters/Solar Inverters
* Plating Power Supply,SMPS,Adapter and UPS
* Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device Systems


TSC306AL [NOR Gates ]

other parts : TSC306CL  TSC307AL  TSC307CL 

Microsemi Corporation

• Quad 2, 3, 3, 3-Input (Active Pullup)
• Quad 2, 3, 3, 3-Input (Open Collector)

SR306A0 [Schottky Barrier Rectifier ]

other parts : SR302A0  SR302A0G  SR302B0  SR302B0G  SR302R0  SR302R0G  SR302X0 

TSC Corporation

- Low forward voltage drop
- Low power loss, high efficiency
- Guardring for overvoltage protection
- High surge current capability
- Compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and
   in accordance to WEEE 2002/96/EC
- Halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21 definition

SHF1306A [3 AMP, 400 – 800 Volts 40 - 50 nsec, Hyper Fast Rectifier ]

other parts : SHF1304  SHF1304TX  SHF1304TXV  SHF1304S  SHF1304SMS  SHF1304SMSTX  SHF1304SMSTXV 

Solid State Devices, Inc.

• Hyper Fast Recovery: 40 - 50 nsec
• PIV to 800 Volts
• Hermetically Sealed
• Void Free Construction
• For High Efficiency Applications
• Low Reverse Leakage
• Single Chip Construction
• Replaces UES 1304 Types


other parts : SF301  SF301A  SF301C  SF302  SF302A  SF302C  SF303 


VOLTAGE RANGE 50 to 400 Volts CURRENT 30.0 Amperes

* Low forward voltage drop
* High current capability
* High reliability
* High surge current capability
* Good for switching mode application


HVC306A [Variable Capacitance Diode for VHF tuner ] Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics

• High capacitance ratio (n=11.0min).
• Low series resistance and good C-V linearity.
• Ultra small Flat Package (UFP) is suitable for surface mount design

TC306AL/CL [NOR Gates ]

other parts : TC307AL/CL  TC307  TC306  TSC307  TSC306 

Microsemi Corporation

AD8306ACHIPS [5 MHz–400 MHz 100 dB High Precision Limiting-Logarithmic Amplifier ]

other parts : 5962-9864601QEA  AD8306  AD8306-EVAL  AD8306AR  AD8306AR-REEL  AD8306AR-REEL7  AD8306ARZ 

Analog Devices

The AD8306 is a complete IF limiting amplifier, providing both an accurate logarithmic (decibel) measure of the input signal (the RSSI function) over a dynamic range of 100 dB, and a programmable limiter output, useful from 5 MHz to 400 MHz.
It is easy to use, requiring few external components. A single supply voltage of +2.7 V to +6.5 V at 16 mA is needed, corresponding to a power consumption of under 50 mW at 3 V, plus the limiter bias current, determined by the application and typically 2 mA, providing a limiter gain of 90 dB when using 200 Ω loads. A CMOS-compatible control interface can enable the AD8306 within about 500 ns and disable it to a standby current of under 1 µA.
The six cascaded amplifier/limiter cells in the main path have a small signal gain of 12.04 dB (×4), with a –3 dB bandwidth of 850 MHz, providing a total gain of 72 dB. The programmable output stage provides a further 18 dB of gain. The input is fully differential and presents a moderately high impedance (1 kΩ in parallel with 2.5 pF). The input-referred noise-spectral-density, when driven from a terminated 50 Ω, source is 1.28 nV/√Hz, equivalent to a noise figure of 3 dB. The sensitivity of the AD8306 can be raised by using an input matching network.
Each of the main gain cells includes a full-wave detector. An additional four detectors, driven by a broadband attenuator, are used to extend the top end of the dynamic range by over 48 dB.

   Complete, Fully Calibrated Log-Limiting IF Amplifier
   100 dB Dynamic Range: –91 dBV to +9 dBV
   Stable RSSI Scaling Over Temperature and Supplies:
      20 mV/dB Slope, –95 dBm Intercept
      60.4 dB RSSI Linearity up to 200 MHz
   Programmable Limiter Gain and Output Current
      Differential Outputs to 10 mA, 2.4 V p-p
      Overall Gain 90 dB, Bandwidth 400 MHz
      Constant Phase (Typical 656 ps Delay Skew)
   Single Supply of +2.7 V to +6.5 V at 16 mA Typical
   Fully Differential Inputs, RIN = 1 kV, CIN = 2.5 pF
   500 ns Power-Up Time, <1 mA Sleep Current
   Receivers for Frequency and Phase Modulation
   Very Wide Range IF and RF Power Measurement
   Receiver Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
   Low Cost Radar and Sonar Signal Processing
   Instrumentation: Network and Spectrum Analyzers

DG306A [CMOS Analog Switchs ]

other parts : DG304  DG304A  DG304AA  DG304ABA  DG304ABK  DG304ABWE  DG304AC/D 

Maxim Integrated

STV9306A [Bus-Controlled Vertical Deflection System with East/West Correction Output Circuit ] ST-Microelectronics

The STV9306A is a fully I²C controlled vertical deflection IC designed for use in 110°, 4:3 or 16:9 CRT applications. It integrates both the vertical deflection and E/W correction circuits required for 110° chassis.

■ Fully I²C controlled
■ DMOS Power Half-bridge Amplifier
■ DC Coupled Operation
■ Internal Flyback Generator (Up to 60 V)
■ Self Adapted Sawtooth (50/60 Hz)
■ 100 Hz Operation
■ Vertical Linearity, Amplitude and Centering Adjustments
■ Horizontal Width, Pincushion, Trapezoid and Corner Adjustments
■ 4:3 and 16:9 CRT Applications
■ Thermal Protection
■ Linear Vertical Zoom Function
■ E/W Class A Output
■ Few External Components

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