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1SMB5956B [Surface Mount Zener Diodes ]

other parts : 1SMB5913B  1SMB5914B  1SMB5915B  1SMB5916B  1SMB5917B  1SMB5918B  1SMB5919B 

KEXIN Industrial

Flat Handling Surface for Accurate Placement
Zener Voltage Range -3.3V to 200V

5962-9561305HTX [512Kx8 MONOLITHIC SRAM, SMD 5962-95613 ]

other parts : WMS512K8-15CC  WMS512K8-15CCA  WMS512K8-15CI  WMS512K8-15CIA  WMS512K8-15CLC  WMS512K8-15CLCA  WMS512K8-15CLI 

White Electronic Designs => Micro Semi

■ Access Times 15, 17, 20, 25, 35, 45, 55ns
■ MIL-STD-883 Compliant Devices Available
■ Revolutionary, Center Power/Ground Pinout JEDEC Approved
   ■ 36 lead Ceramic SOJ (Package 100)
   ■ 36 lead Ceramic Flat Pack (Package 226)
■ Evolutionary, Corner Power/Ground Pinout JEDEC Approved
   ■ 32 pin Ceramic DIP (Package 300)
   ■ 32 lead Ceramic SOJ (Package 101)
   ■ 32 lead Ceramic Thinpack™ Flat Pack (Package 321)
■ 32 pin, Rectangular Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier (Package 601)
■ Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature Range
■ 5V Power Supply
■ Low Power CMOS
■ Low Power Data Retention for Battery Back-up Operation
■ TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs


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New Jersey Semiconductor

1SMB5956 [3.0 Watts Surface Mount Silicon Zener Diode ]

other parts : 1SMB5926  1SMB5927  1SMB5928  1SMB5929  1SMB5930  1SMB5931  1SMB5932 

TSC Corporation

● For surface mounted applications in order to optimize board space
● Low profile package
● Built-in strain relief
● Glass passivated junction
● Low inductance
● High temperature soldering guaranteed: 260℃/10 seconds at terminals
● Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0


other parts : M51955A  M51955B  M51956B  M51955AFP  M51955AL  M51955BFP  M51955BL 


TDA956X [TV signal processor-Teletext decoder with embedded µ-Controller ]

other parts : TDA955X  TDA955XN1  TDA955XPS  TDA956XN1  TDA956XPS  TDA958X  TDA958XN1 

Philips Electronics

The various versions of the TDA955X/6X/8X PS/N1 series combine the functions of a video processor together with a µ-Controller and US Closed Caption decoder. Several versions have a Teletext decoder on board. The Teletext decoder has an internal RAM memory for 1or 10 page text. The ICs are intended to be used in economy television receivers with 90° and 110° picture tubes.

TV-signal processor
• Multi-standard vision IF circuit with alignment-free PLL demodulator
• Internal (switchable) time-constant for the IF-AGC circuit
• A choice can be made between versions with mono intercarrier sound FM demodulator and versions with QSS IF amplifier. In the QSS versions without East-West output an AM/FM mode can be activated. In that case both the QSS amplifier (for AM demodulation) and the FM demodulator are available.
• The mono intercarrier sound circuit has a selective FM-PLL demodulator which can be switched to the different FM sound frequencies (4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5 MHz). The quality of this system is such that the external band-pass filters can be omitted.
• The FM-PLL demodulator can be set to centre frequencies of 4.74/5.74 MHz so that a second sound channel can be demodulated. In such an application it is necessary that an external bandpass filter is inserted.
• The QSS amplifier and mono intercarrier sound circuit of some versions can be used for the demodulation of FM radio signals
• Source selection between the ‘internal’ CVBS and one external CVBS or Y/C signal
• Integrated chrominance trap circuit
• Integrated luminance delay line with adjustable delay time
• Picture improvement features with peaking (with switchable centre frequency, depeaking, variable positive/negative overshoot ratio and video dependent coring) and blue- and black stretching
• Integrated chroma band-pass filter with switchable centre frequency
• Only one reference (12 MHz) crystal required for the µ-Controller, Teletext- and the colour decoder
• PAL/NTSC or multi-standard colour decoder with automatic search system
• Internal base-band delay line
• Indication of the Signal-to-Noise ratio of the incoming CVBS signal
• RGB control circuit with ‘Continuous Cathode Calibration’, white point and black level off-set adjustment so that the colour temperature of the dark and the light parts of the screen can be chosen independently.
• A linear RGB/YUV/YPBPR input with fast blanking for external RGB/YUV sources. The synchronisation circuit can be connected to the incoming Y signal. The Text/OSD signals are internally supplied from the µ-Controller/Teletext decoder.
• Contrast reduction possibility during mixed-mode of OSD and Text signals
• Adjustable ‘wide blanking’ of the RGB outputs
• Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator
• Vertical count-down circuit
• Vertical driver optimized for DC-coupled vertical output stages
• Horizontal and vertical geometry processing
• Horizontal and vertical zoom function for 16 : 9 applications
• Horizontal parallelogram and bow correction for large screen picture tubes
• Low-power start-up of the horizontal drive circuit


2N5956 [Power Transistors TO-66 Case ]

other parts : 2N3054  2N3054A  2N3583  2N3584  2N3585  2N3738  2N3739 

Central Semiconductor Corp

Power Transistors TO-66 Case


other parts : 5962-9566603QPA  TLV2252  TLV2252A  TLV2252AID  TLV2252AIDG4  TLV2252AIDR  TLV2252AIDRG4 

Texas Instruments

The TLV2252 and TLV2254 are dual and quadruple low-voltage operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments. Both devices exhibit rail-to-rail output performance for increased dynamic range in single- or split-supply applications. The TLV225x family consumes only 34 µA of supply current per channel. This micropower operation makes them good choices for battery-powered applications.

Output Swing Includes Both Supply Rails
Low Noise . . . 19 nV/√Hz Typ at f = 1 kHz
Low Input Bias Current . . . 1 pA Typ
Fully Specified for Both Single-Supply and Split-Supply Operation
Very Low Power . . . 34 µA Per Channel Typ
Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail
Low Input Offset Voltage
  850 µV Max at TA = 25°C
Wide Supply Voltage Range
  2.7 V to 8 V
Macromodel Included
Available in Q-Temp Automotive
  HighRel Automotive Applications
  Configuration Control / Print Support
  Qualification to Automotive Standards


5962-9560401QPA [Dual High Speed, Low Power, Low Distortion, Voltage Feedback Amplifiers ]

other parts : 5962-9560402QXA  5962F9560401QPA  5962F9560401V9A  5962F9560401VPA  5962F9560402VXA  5962R9560403V9A  5962R9560403VXA 

Texas Instruments

The LM6172 is a dual high speed voltage feedback amplifier. It is unity-gain stable and provides excellent DC and AC performance. With 100MHz unity-gain bandwidth, 3000V/μs slew rate and 50mA of output current per channel, the LM6172 offers high performance in dual amplifiers; yet it only consumes 2.3mA of supply current each channel.
The LM6172 operates on ±15V power supply for systems requiring large voltage swings, such as ADSL, scanners and ultrasound equipment. It is also specified at ±5V power supply for low voltage applications such as portable video systems. The LM6172 is built with TI's advanced VIP™ III (Vertically Integrated PNP) complementary bipolar process.

• Available with Radiation Specification
   – High Dose Rate 300 krad(Si)
   – ELDRS Free 100 krad(Si)
• Easy to Use Voltage Feedback Topology
• High Slew Rate 3000V/μs
• Wide Unity-Gain Bandwidth 100MHz
• Low Supply Current 2.3mA / Amplifier
• High Output Current 50mA / Amplifier
• Specified for ±15V and ±5V Operation

• Scanner I- to -V Converters
• ADSL/HDSL Drivers
• Multimedia Broadcast Systems
• Video Amplifiers
• NTSC, PAL® and SECAM Systems
• ADC/DAC Buffers
• Pulse Amplifiers and Peak Detectors


SZN4956 [5 W 6.8 – 390 VOLTS ZENER DIODES ]

other parts : SZN4954  SZN4954K  SZN4954KS  SZN4954KTX  SZN4954KTXV  SZN4954S  SZN4954SMS 

Solid State Devices, Inc.

• Hermetically Glass Sealed
• High Power Dissipation 5W
• Tight Voltage Tolerance 5%
• For other Voltage, Power, or Tolerance Consult Factory.
• TX, TXV, and S-Level Screening Available 5/.
• Replacement for 1N4954 – 1N4996

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