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9956B 51 mm (2") photomultiplier

[ET Enterprises Ltd]

The 9956B is a 51mm (2”) diameter end window photomultiplier, with enhanced green sensitive bialkali photocathode, and 10 high gain, high stability, SbCs dynodes of the long established venetian blind design providing a low afterpulse rate.

• high gain
• low afterpulse rate

• wide range of applications


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O2Micro International
OZ9956B Six String LED Controller 20 QFN / Intelligent Lighting Family / LED Backlight Controller ICs for NOTEBOOK

OZ521 ~ OZ9998H Information

OZ9956B is a high efficiency, DC/DC controller that drives up to six (6) strings of LEDs in parallel configuration, with multiple LEDs in each string connected in series. It is targeted for notebook/netbook applications.

It provides six (6) LED current sense inputs in an “OR” configuration for improved backlight reliability. This allows the backlight to remain functional in the event that any string (s) is damaged

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