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PC617 Automotive Twin PCB Power Relay

Automotive Twin PCB Power Relay

20 Amp continuous current capacity
Up to 60 amp switching capacity
Four different contact materials available
Six different contact forms
Designed for high inrush applications
UL Class F insulation available
Dust cover or sealed version available

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BC617 NPN Silicon Darlington Transistors

NPN Silicon Darlington Transistors

● High current gain
● High collector current


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HLMP-C617 T-13/4 Super Ultra-Bright LED Lamps

These non-diffused lamps are designed to produce a bright light source and smooth radiation
pattern. A slight tint is added to the lens for easy color identification. This lamp has been designed with a 20 mil lead frame, enhanced flange, and tight meniscus controls, making it compatible with radial lead automated insertion equipment.

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Multilayer ceramic capacitors are available in a variety of physical sizes and configurations, including leaded devices and surface mounted chips. Leaded styles include molded and conformally coated parts with axial and radial leads. However, the basic capacitor element is similar for all styles. It is called a chip and consists of formulated dielectric materials which have been cast into thin layers, interspersed with metal electrodes alternately exposed on opposite edges of the laminated

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BC617 NPN silicon darlington transistor
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