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TXD2SA-1.5V [High breakdown voltage type is available (1.5 kV between open contacts) TX-D RELAYS ]

other parts : TXD2-1.5V  TXD2-1.5V-X  TXD2-1.5V-Z  TXD2-1.5V-1  TXD2-1.5V-1-X  TXD2-1.5V-1-Z  TXD2-1.5V-3 

Panasonic Corporation

1. Lineup now includes high breakdown voltage type that achieves breakdown voltage
   between open contacts of 1,500 VAC.
      Surge breakdown voltage between open contacts:
         1,500 V 10 × 160 µsec. (FCC part 68)
      Surge breakdown voltage between contact and coil:
         6,000 V 1.2 × 50 µsec. (EN60950)
2. Approved to the supplementary insulation class in the EN standards(EN60950).
   The insulation distance between the
   contact and coil meet the
   supplementary insulation class of the
   EN60950 standards as required for
   equipment connected to the telephone
   lines in Europe.
   Satisfies the following conditions:
      • Clearances: 2.0 mm .079 inch or more
      • Creepage distance: 2.5 mm .098 inch or more
3. 3,000 V breakdown voltage between
   contact and coil. (Surge breakdown voltage 6,000 V type)
   The body block construction of the coil
   that is sealed formation offers a high
   breakdown voltage of 3,000 V between
   contact and coil.
4. Nominal operating power:
   High sensitivity of 200mW
   By using the highly efficient polar
   magnetic circuit “seesaw balance
   mechanism”, a nominal operating
   power of 200 mW has been achieved.
5. High contact capacity: 2 A 30 V DC
6. High contact reliability achieved with gold-clad crossbar
   twin contacts and the use of gas expelling materials during formation.
      *We also offer a range of products with
         AgPd contacts suitable for use in low
         level load analog circuits (Max. 10V DC 10 mA).
      *SX relays designed for low level loads are also available.
         (Surge breakdown voltage 2,500 V type only)
7. Outstanding vibration and shock resistance.
   Functional shock resistance: 750 m/s2
   Destructive shock resistance: 1,000 m/s2
   Functional vibration resistance:
      10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 3.3 mm .130 inch)
   Destructive vibration resistance:
      10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 5 mm .197 inch)
8. Sealed construction allows automatic washing.
9. A range of surface-mount types is also available.
   SA: Low-profile surface-mount terminal type
   SL: High connection reliability surface mount terminal type
   SS: Space saving surface-mount terminal type
10. M.B.B. type available (Surge breakdown voltage 2,500 V type only)

1. Facsimile
2. Modem
3. Communications (xDSL)
4. Medical equipment
5. Automotive equipment
6. Security

TS87C51RD2S287-KCB [(TS8xC51Rx2) High Performance 8-bit Microcontroller ]

other parts : TS80C51RD2-LCL  TS80C51RD2-LCM  TS80C51RD2-LIL  TS80C51RD2-LIM  TS80C51RD2-MCL  TS80C51RD2-MCM  TS80C51RD2-MIL 

Atmel Corporation

Atmel TS8xC51Rx2 is a high performance CMOS ROM, OTP, EPROM and ROMless versions of the 80C51 CMOS single chip 8-bit microcontroller. The TS8xC51Rx2 retains all features of the 80C51 with extended ROM/EPROM capacity (16/32/64 Kbytes), 256 bytes of internal RAM, a 7-source , 4-level interrupt system, an on-chip oscilator and three timer/counters.

HLMP-6000-D2S10 [Subminiature LED Lamps ]

other parts : HLMP-6000-A0010  HLMP-6000-A1010  HLMP-6000-A1110  HLMP-6000-A1210  HLMP-6000-A1410  HLMP-6000-A1L10  HLMP-6000-A1S10 

Avago Technologies

Flat Top Package
The HLMP-Pxxx Series flat top lamps use an untinted, non diffused, truncated lens to provide a wide radiation pattern that is necessary for use in backlighting applications. The flat top lamps are also ideal for use as emitters in light pipe applications.

 Subminiature flat top package
  – ideal for backlighting and light piping applications
 Subminiature dome package
  – diffused dome for wide viewing angle
  – nondiffused dome for high brightness
 TTL and LSTTL compatible 5 volt resistor lamps
 Available in six colors
 Ideal for space limited applications
 Axial leads
 Available with lead configurations for surface mount and through hole PC board mounting


AS2431D2S13 [Precision Adjustable Shunt Reference ]

other parts : AS2431  AS2431A1D13  AS2431A1D7  AS2431A1DA  AS2431A1DB  AS2431A1DT  AS2431A1LP13 

Astec Semiconductor => Silicon Link

The AS2431 is a three-terminal adjustable shunt regulator providing a highly accurate bandgap reference. The adjustable shunt regulator is ideal for a wide variety of linear applications that can be implemented using external components to obtain adjustable currents and voltages.
In the standard shunt configuration, the combination of low temperature coefficient (TC), sharp turn-on characteristics, low output impedance and programmable output voltage make this precision reference an excellent error amplifier. The AS2431 is a direct replacement for the AS431 in low voltage, low current appli
cations. It is also available in the very small footprint SOT-23.

● Temperature-compensated: 15 ppm/℃
● Trimmed bandgap reference
● Internal amplifier with 100 mA capability
● Multiple temperature ranges
● Low frequency dynamic output impedance: < 450 mΩ
● Low output noise

H11D2SM [High Voltage Phototransistor Optocouplers ]

other parts : 4N38M  4N38SM  4N38SR2M  4N38SR2VM  4N38SVM  4N38TM  4N38TVM 

Fairchild Semiconductor

General Description
The 4N38M, H11DXM and MOC8204M are phototransistor-type optically coupled optoisolators. A gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode is coupled with a high voltage NPN silicon phototransistor. The device is supplied in a standard plastic six-pin dual-in-line package.

■ High voltage:
   – MOC8204M, BVCER = 400V
   – H11D1M, H11D2M, BVCER = 300V
   – H11D3M, BVCER = 200V
■ High isolation voltage:
   – 7500 VAC peak, 1 second
■ Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized File # E90700, Volume 2
■ IEC 60747-5-2 approved (ordering option V)

■ Power supply regulators
■ Digital logic inputs
■ Microprocessor inputs
■ Appliance sensor systems
■ Industrial controls


EVAL-AD2S1205CBZ [12-Bit RDC with Reference Oscillator ]

other parts : AD2S1205  AD2S1205YSTZ  ADW71205YSTZ  AD2S1205WSTZ  ADW71205WSTZ  ADW71205WSTZ-RL  EVAL-AD2S1205CBZ3 

Analog Devices

The AD2S1205 is a complete 12-bit resolution tracking resolver-to-digital converter that contains an on-board programmable sinusoidal oscillator providing sine wave excitation for resolvers.
The converter accepts 3.15 V p-p ± 27% input signals on the Sin and Cos inputs. A Type II tracking loop is employed to track the inputs and convert the input Sin and Cos information into a digital representation of the input angle and velocity. The maximum tracking rate is a function of the external clock frequency. The performance of the AD2S105 is specified across a frequency range of 8.192 MHz ± 25%, allowing a maximum tracking rate of 1250 rps.

  Complete monolithic resolver-to-digital converter (RDC)
  Parallel and serial 12-bit data ports
  System fault detection
  ±11 arc minutes of accuracy
  Input signal range: 3.15 V p-p ± 27%
  Absolute position and velocity outputs
  1250 rps maximum tracking rate, 12-bit resolution
  Incremental encoder emulation (1024 pulses/rev)
  Programmable sinusoidal oscillator on board
  Single-supply operation (5.00 V ± 5%)
  −40°C to +125°C temperature rating
  44-lead LQFP
  4 kV ESD protection
  Qualified for automotive applications
  Automotive motion sensing and control
  Hybrid-electric vehicles
  Electric power steering
  Integrated starter generator/alternator
  Industrial motor control
  Process control

HG4181006-D2S [Automotive Subminiature PCB Power Relay ]

other parts : HG4181  HG4181006-D1  HG4181006-D1A  HG4181006-D1AG  HG4181006-D1C  HG4181006-D1CG  HG4181006-D1G 


Miniaturized structure, light weight
Improved contact capacity
Big gap type available for heavy motor load switching

Power antenna
Power window
Interval wiper
Slide roof control
Alarm/anti-theft system
Automatic mirror adjustment
Automatic head rest adjustment


other parts : FMD1S  FMD3S  FMD4S  FMD5S  FMD6S  FMD7S 

Rectron Semiconductor

VOLTAGE RANGE 50 to 1000 Volts CURRENT 0.8 Ampere

* Surge overload rating - 30 amperes peak
* Ideal for printed circuit board
* Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded
* Glass passivated device
* Polarity symbols molded on body
* Mounting position: Any
* Weight: 0.5 gram

EVAL-AD2S1210EDZ [Variable Resolution, 10-Bit to 16-Bit R/D Converter with Reference Oscillator ]

other parts : AD2S1210  AD2S1210ASTZ  AD2S1210BSTZ  AD2S1210CSTZ  AD2S1210DSTZ  AD2S1210WDSTZ  AD2S1210WDSTZRL7 

Analog Devices

The AD2S1210 is a complete 10-bit to 16-bit resolution tracking resolver-to-digital converter, integrating an on-board programmable sinusoidal oscillator that provides sine wave excitation for resolvers.
The converter accepts 3.15 V p-p ± 27% input signals, in the range of 2 kHz to 20 kHz on the sine and cosine inputs. A Type II servo loop is employed to track the inputs and convert the input sine and cosine information into a digital representation of the input angle and velocity. The maximum tracking rate is 3125 rps.

Complete monolithic resolver-to-digital converter
3125 rps maximum tracking rate (10-bit resolution)
±2.5 arc minutes of accuracy
10-/12-/14-/16-bit resolution, set by user
Parallel and serial 10-bit to 16-bit data ports
Absolute position and velocity outputs
System fault detection
Programmable fault detection thresholds
Differential inputs
Incremental encoder emulation
Programmable sinusoidal oscillator on-board
Compatible with DSP and SPI interface standards
5 V supply with 2.3 V to 5 V logic interface
−40°C to +125°C temperature rating

DC and ac servo motor control
Encoder emulation
Electric power steering
Electric vehicles
Integrated starter generators/alternators
Automotive motion sensing and control

KSD2SF [Temperature Switch Thermostat KSD (KSD-xxF) ]

other parts : KSD-01F  KSD-07F  KSD-10F  KSD-2SF  KSD-6F  KSD01F  KSD07F 


System touch temperature thermostat. Sensitive and reliable.

Suitable for circuit boards for temperature control or with thermal overload protection.

1. point form: 1D or 1H

2. contact load: 220VAC 1.5A or 24VDC 1.5A

3. Insulation resistance: normal temperature and humidity ≥50MΩ

4. Contact resistance: ≤ 100 mΩ

5. Dielectric strength: ≥500VAC single 0.35mm

6. weight <2g

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