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ERG2S [Metal (Oxide) Film Resistors ]

other parts : ERG-12SJ101P  ERG-12SJ112V  ERG-12SJ122V  ERG-12SJ243V  ERG-12SJ270V  ERG-12SJ431V  ERG-12SJ510 

Panasonic Corporation

Type: ERG(X)S (Small size)
          (0.5 W, 1 W, 2 W, 3 W, 5 W)
          ERG(X)F (Anti-heat conducting for PCB)
          (1 W, 2 W, 3 W, 5 W)
● Miniaturized 50 % smaller compared to existing models
● Non-fl ammable
● High Reliability
● Automatic Insertion
● Reference Standards
   IEC 60115-2, IEC 60115-4, JIS C 5201-4, EIAJ RC-2138
● RoHS compliant

AQY211G2S [Miniature SOP4-pin type with high capacity up to 1.6A ]

other parts : AQY212G2S  AQY212GS  AQY211G2SX  AQY212G2SX  AQY212GSX  AQY211G2SZ  AQY212G2SZ 

Panasonic Corporation

1. Continuous load current: Max. 1.6A high capacity (AQY211G2S)
2. Low on resistance: typical 0.1 Ω (AQY211G2S)
3. Broad lineup of high capacity types

• Measuring instruments
• Security and disaster-preventing system: use in I/O for alarm and security devices, etc.

TC58NVG2S0FBAI4 [NAND Flash Memory(SLC Middle Capacity) ]

other parts : TC58DVG02D5BAI4  TC58DVG02D5BAI6  TC58DVG02D5TA00  TC58DVG02D5TAI0  TC58DYG02D5BAI4  TC58DYG02D5BAI6  TC58NVG0S3HBAI4 


Product list of NAND Flash Memory SLC Middle Capacity.


other parts : EN2  EN2-1H1  EN2-1H1S  EN2-1H1ST  EN2-1H1T  EN2-1H2  EN2-1H2S 

NEC => Renesas Technology

Twin Relays EN2/EP2 Series
Single Relays EP1/MR301 Series

The EN2, EP2, EPI and MR301 series power relays can meet the requirements of high quality and reliability in automotive eIectronics applications. The EN2 and EP2 series are the twin relays which have two units in one package and smaller than conventional two relays. These relays are divided into two types for different usage. One is H bridge type and the other is separate type. The EN2 series is suitable for heavy load applications (35 A max.). The EP2 series is designed for medium load applications (25 A max.). The EP1 and MR301 series are the 1C contact form relays. Many of these relays have been used in automotive electronics applications throughout the world




other parts : EP1F  EP2F  EP2F-B3L1  EP2F-B3L1T  EP2F-B3L1S  EP2F-B3L1ST  EP2F-B3L2 

NEC => Renesas Technology

The NEC EP2F / EP1F series are PC-board mount type automotive relays suitable for various motor controls and other applications that require a high level of quality and performance.
The operate temperature range for EP2F / EP1F series is –40˚C through +125˚C.
By this high heat resistivity, the contact carrying current of EP2F / EP1F series at 25˚C increases 1.3 or 1.4 times compared with that of EP2 / EP1 series.

● Operating ambient temperature up to +125˚C (EP2 / EP1 : +85˚C)
● Suitable for motor and solenoid reversible control
● High performance and productivity by unique structure
● Flux tight housing

● Power window control
● Power sunroof
● Wiper system

AQY212FG2S [Space-saving SOP4-pin high capacity type with built-in input registor ]

other parts : AQY212FG2SX  AQY212FG2SZ 

Panasonic Corporation

1. Built-in input resistor means less man-hours when mounting
   The voltage-sensitive type, which eliminates the need to mount an external input resistor,
   is now available in a small package (recommended input voltage is 5 V).
   Man-hours spent mounting external input resistors are cut and board designing is simplified.
2. Saves space on PC board
   Since the small package size remains the same while including a built-in input resistor,
   space on the PC board is saved.
   This makes it easier to incorporate space savings when designing miniature devices.
3. Continuous load current of 1.25A
   This miniature SOP type controls 1.25A/ 60V load.
1. Measuring and testing equipment
   Semiconductor testing equipment, Probe
   cards, Datalogger, Board tester and other testing equipment.
2. Telecommunication, Broadcasting, and Medical equipment

HLMP-6000-G2S10 [Subminiature LED Lamps ]

other parts : HLMP-6000-A0010  HLMP-6000-A1010  HLMP-6000-A1110  HLMP-6000-A1210  HLMP-6000-A1410  HLMP-6000-A1L10  HLMP-6000-A1S10 

Avago Technologies

Flat Top Package
The HLMP-Pxxx Series flat top lamps use an untinted, non diffused, truncated lens to provide a wide radiation pattern that is necessary for use in backlighting applications. The flat top lamps are also ideal for use as emitters in light pipe applications.

 Subminiature flat top package
  – ideal for backlighting and light piping applications
 Subminiature dome package
  – diffused dome for wide viewing angle
  – nondiffused dome for high brightness
 TTL and LSTTL compatible 5 volt resistor lamps
 Available in six colors
 Ideal for space limited applications
 Axial leads
 Available with lead configurations for surface mount and through hole PC board mounting



other parts : S-8261  S-8261AAGMD-G2G-T2  S-8261AAHMD-G2H-T2  S-8261AAJBD-G2J-TF  S-8261AAJMD-G2J-T2  S-8261AALMD-G2L-T2  S-8261AAMMD-G2M-T2 

Seiko Instruments Inc

The S-8261 series are lithium-ion / lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection ICs incorporating high accuracy voltage detection circuit and delay circuit. The S-8261 series are suitable for protection of single-cell lithium ion/lithium polymer battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent.

(1) Internal high accuracy voltage detection circuit
      • Overcharge detection voltage 3.9 V to 4.4 V (applicable in 5 mV step)
   Accuracy: ±25 mV (+25 °C) and ±30 mV (−5 °C to +55 °C)
      • Overcharge hysteresis voltage 0.0 V to 0.4 V*1 Accuracy: ±25 mV
   The overcharge hysteresis voltage can be selected from the range 0.0 V to 0.4 V in 50 mV step.
      • Overdischarge detection voltage 2.0 V to 3.0 V (applicable in 10 mV step) Accuracy: ±50 mV
      • Overdischarge hysteresis voltage 0.0 V to 0.7 V*2 Accuracy: ±50 mV
   The overdischarge hysteresis voltage can be selected from the range 0.0 V to 0.7 V in 100 mV step.
      • Overcurrent 1 detection voltage 0.05 V to 0.3 V (applicable in 10 mV step) Accuracy: ±15 mV
      • Overcurrent 2 detection voltage 0.5 V (fixed) Accuracy: ±100 mV
(2) High voltage device is used for charger connection pins
   (VM and CO pins: absolute maximum rating = 28 V)
(3) Delay times (overcharge: tCU, overdischarge: tDL, overcurrent 1: tlOV1, overcurrent 2: tlOV2) are generated
   by an internal circuit. No external capacitor is necessary. Accuracy: ±20%
(4) Three-step overcurrent detection circuit is included.
   (overcurrent 1, overcurrent 2 and load short-circuiting)
(5) 0 V battery charge function “available” / “unavailable” are selectable.
(6) Charger detection function and abnormal charge current detection function
   • The overdischarge hysteresis is released by detecting negative voltage at the VM pin (−0.7 V typ.).
   (Charger detection function)
   • When the output voltage of the DO pin is high and the voltage at the VM pin is equal to or lower than the charger detection voltage (−0.7 V typ.), the output voltage of the CO pin goes low. (Abnormal charge current detection function)
(7) Low current consumption
   • Operation mode 3.5 µA typ., 7.0 µA max.
   • Power-down mode 0.1 µA max.
(8) Wide operating temperature range −40 °C to +85 °C
(9) Small package SOT-23-6, 6-Pin SNB(B)

*1. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge detection voltage − Overcharge hysteresis voltage
   (where overcharge release voltage < 3.8 V is prohibited.)
*2. Overdischarge release voltage = Overdischarge detection voltage + Overdischarge hysteresis voltage
   (where overdischarge release voltage > 3.4 V is prohibited.)

• Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs
• Lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs



other parts : 7546  M37546G2-XXXGP  M37546G2-XXXHP  M37546G2-XXXSP  M37546G2GP  M37546G2HP  M37546G4-XXXGP 

Renesas Electronics

The 7546 Group is the QzROM version of 7542 Group. The 7546 Group has the pin-compatibilty with the 7542 Group. As new functions, the power-on reset, the low voltage detection circuit, and the function set ROM are added.

H11G2SM [High Voltage Photodarlington Optocouplers ]

other parts : H11G1M  H11G1SM  H11G1SR2M  H11G1SR2VM  H11G1SVM  H11G1TM  H11G1TVM 

Fairchild Semiconductor

General Description
The H11GXM series are photodarlington-type optically coupled optocouplers. These devices have a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode coupled with a silicon darlington connected phototransistor which has an inte
gral base-emitter resistor to optimize elevated tempera ture characteristics.

■ High BVCEO
– Minimum 100V for H11G1M
– Minimum 80V for H11G2M
– Minimum 55V for H11G3M
■ High sensitivity to low input current (Min. 500% CTR at IF = 1mA)
■ Low leakage current at elevated temperature (Max. 100µA at 80°C)
■ Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized File # E90700, Volume 2

■ CMOS logic interface
■ Telephone ring detector
■ Low input TTL interface
■ Power supply isolation
■ Replace pulse transformer

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