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Panel Circuit Indicators

● φ3 mm package
● InGaAℓP technolgy
● All plastic mold type
● Transparent lens
● Line-up: 6 colors (red, orange, yellow, pure yellow, green and pure green)
● High intensity light emission
● Excellent low current light output
● Applications: message boards, security devices and dashboard displays


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Texas Instruments

The TMS320VC33 DSP is a 32-bit, floating-point processor manufactured in 0.18-µm four-level-metal CMOS(TImeline) technology. The TMS320VC33 is part of the TMS320C3x generation of DSPs from Texas

High-Performance Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor (DSP):
  − TMS320VC33-150
    − 13-ns Instruction Cycle Time
    − 150 Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second (MFLOPS)
    − 75 Million Instructions Per Second(MIPS)
  − TMS320VC33-120
    − 17-ns Instruction Cycle Time
    − 120 MFLOPS
    − 60 MIPS
34K ×32-Bit (1.1-Mbit) On-Chip Words of Dual-Access Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM) Configured in 2 ×16K Plus 2 ×1K Blocks to Improve Internal Performance
x5 Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Clock Generator
Very Low Power: < 200 mW @ 150 MFLOPS
32-Bit High-Performance CPU
16- /32-Bit Integer and 32- /40-Bit Floating-Point Operations
Four Internally Decoded Page Strobes to Simplify Interface to I/O and Memory Devices
Boot-Program Loader
EDGEMODE Selectable External Interrupts
32-Bit Instruction Word, 24-Bit Addresses
Eight Extended-Precision Registers
On-Chip Memory-Mapped Peripherals:
  − One Serial Port
  − Two 32-Bit Timers
  − Direct Memory Access (DMA) Coprocessor for Concurrent I/O and CPU Operation
Fabricated Using the 0.18-µm (leff-Effective Gate Length) TImelineProcess Technology by Texas Instruments (TI)
144-Pin Low-Profile Quad Flatpack (LQFP) (PGE Suffix)
Two Address Generators With Eight Auxiliary Registers and Two Auxiliary Register Arithmetic Units(ARAUs)
Two Low-Power Modes
Two- and Three-Operand Instructions
Parallel Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU) and Multiplier Execution in a Single Cycle
Block-Repeat Capability
Zero-Overhead Loops With Single-Cycle Branches
Conditional Calls and Returns
Interlocked Instructions for Multiprocessing Support
Bus-Control Registers Configure Strobe-Control Wait-State Generation
1.8-V (Core) and 3.3-V (I/O) Supply Voltages
On-Chip Scan-Based Emulation Logic, IEEE Std 1149.1†(JTAG)

S0505GE6PL [Spectra-Band photocell Series ]

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[TEXAS Optoelectronics, Inc.]


SMS10PHGE6 [Quick mating panel and cable connectors ]

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The versatile “ SMS “ Quick mating panel and cable connectors are a highly cost effective system approach to solving the constant demand for more cost effective interconnection techniques.
It is a range of multiway connectors using N° 16 TRIM TRIO .0625” (1.6mm) diameter contacts and available in 10 contact arrangements from 2 to 36 positions.
Having no additional hardware, Panel receptacle connectors snap and lock into panel cutouts and cable plugs quick connect and disconnect with positive retention locks.
Cable plug connectors also feature pin protection skirts, positive polarisation and can be supplied with or without integrated strain relief hoods.
Cable receptacle connectors (only with integrated strain relief hoods) are developed to mate with cable plug connectors thus offering solutions for cable to cable applications.

Features and benefits
• Available in 10 contact arrangements.
• Self mountable panel receptacle with positive housing retention.
• Cable plugs with retaining latches for positive locking.
• Cable plug has pin protection skirt to prevent damage of male contacts
• Positive polarization keys prevent mismating.
• Cable plug and receptacle have integrated strain relief hood which can take a wide range of cables.
• Cable plug and receptacle have discrimination cavities in between contact cavities, thus offering discrimination without contact loss.
• UL recognized File Nr.: E238675


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Marktech Optoelectronics

Panel Circuit Indicators

• Lead(Pb)-free products (lead: Sn-Ag-Cu)
• φ3 mm package
• InGaAℓP technolgy
• All plastic mold type
• Transparent lens
• Lineup: 6 colors (red, orange, yellow, pure yellow, green and pure green)
• High intensity light emission
• Excellent low current light output
• Applications: message boards, security devices and dashboard displays

3186GE683T063APA1 [85 °C Aluminum Electrolytic, Screw Terminal ]

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Cornell Dubilier Electronics

While Type 3186’s standard encasement is by compression with the  capacitor element captured on an aluminum peg in the can bottom  and a phenolic peg in the top, rilled construction is available.  With  rilled construction the element is secured by rills, spoon shaped  dimples in the side of the can.  Rilled construction off ers the  industry’s highest vibration and shock withstanding and excellent  heat transfer.  Besides increasing ripple current handling, the rilled  construction extends the great value of the Type 3186 into military  and transportation applications that require rugged mechanical  capability.    

- Rilled cans withstand high shock and vibration
- High ripple current capability  
- High capacitance per can

XPGBWT-01-0000-00GE6 [Cree® XLamp® XP-G2 LEDs ]

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Cree, Inc

The XLamp® XP-G2 LeD builds on the unprecedented performance of the original XP-G by increasing lumen output up to 20% while providing a single die LeD point source for precise optical control. The XP-G2 LeD shares the same footprint as the original XP-G, providing a seamless upgrade path and shortening the design cycle.
XLamp XP-G2 LeDs are the ideal choice for lighting applications where high light output and maximum effcacy are required, such as LeD light bulbs, outdoor lighting, portable lighting, indoor lighting and solar-powered lighting.

• Available in white, outdoor white and 80-, 85- and 90-CRI white
• ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
• Binned at 85 °C
• Maximum drive current: 1500 mA
• Low thermal resistance: 4 °C/W
• Wide viewing angle: 115°
• Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 ºC/85% RH
• Reflow solderable - JEDEC J-STD-020C
• electrically neutral thermal path
• RoHS and REACh compliant
• UL® recognized component (E349212)


SMS12GE6D70 [Trim Trio Interconnection System ]

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EDGE692 [200 MHz Monolithic Dual Pin Electronics Driver ] Semtech
Semtech Corporation

The Edge692 is a dual pin electronics driver manufactured in a high-performance, complementary bipolar process. In Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) applications, the Edge692 offers two pin drivers suitable for drive-only channels in memory testers, as well as for bidirectional channels in memory, VLSI, and mixed- signal test systems.

• 2 V/ns Driver Slew Rates
• Adjustable Driver Slew Rates
• Three Statable
• Low HiZ Leakage
• Low Voltage Driver Swings
• Low Overshoot Waveforms
• 12 V Output Range
• 9 V Output Swings
• 28-Pin PLCC with an Internal Heat Spreader
• Edge693 Compatible
• Bt692 Compatible

EDGE646 [Pin Electronics Driver, Window Comparator, and Switch Matrix ]

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Semtech Corporation

The Edge646 is an integrated trinary driver, window comparator, and switch matrix pin electronics solution manufactured in a wide voltage CMOS process. It is designed for automatic test equipment and instrumentation where cost, functional density, and power are all at a premium.
The tristatable driver is capable of generating 3 levels - one for a logic high, one for a logic low, and one for either a termination voltage or a special programming voltage.

• 100 MHz Operation
• 12V I/O Range
• Programmable Output Levels
• Flex In digital Inputs (Technology Independent)
• Three Level Driver
• Extremely Low Leakage Currents (typically ~0 nA)
• Small Footprint (32 Pin, 7 mm X 7 mm, TQFP Package)

• Low Cost Automated Test Equipment


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