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STM1810LW7F [Low power reset circuit ]

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STM181x devices are low power reset devices used to monitor power supplies for microcontrollers. They perform a single function: asserting a reset signal whenever VCC supply voltage drops below a preset value and keeping it asserted until VCChas risen above the preset threshold for a minimum period of time (trec). They provide excellent circuit reliability without additional external components when used with +3.0 V / +3.3 V (STM1815–STM1818), and +5 V (STM1810–STM1813) power supply systems.

● Precision monitoring of 3 V , 3.3 V, and 5 V supply voltages
● Four output configurations:
– Push-Pull, Active-High (STM1812,1817)
– Push-Pull, Active-Low (STM1810,1815)
– Open Drain, Active-Low (STM1811,1816)
– Open Drain, Active-Low with Push Button Detect (STM1813,1818)
● Reset pulse width - 100 ms (min)
● Low supply current - 4 µA (typ)
● Guaranteed assertion down to VCC= 1.0 V (0 °C to 105 °C)
● Factory-trimmed reset thresholds of 2.55 V, 2.88 V, 3.06 V, 4.37 V, and 4.62 V (typ)
● Power supply transient immunity
● Push-button/manual reset detect (STM1813/1818)
● Operating temperature: –40 °C to 105 °C
● ± 2.5 % reset threshold accuracy: (–40 °C to 105 °C)
● Available in the SOT23-3 package
● Fully compatible with DS181x and MXD181x products.

TC7129CLW713 [4-1/2 Digit Analog-to-Digital Converters with On-Chip LCD Drivers ]

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Microchip Technology

General Description:
The TC7129 is a 4-1/2 digit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that directly drives a multiplexed Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Fabricated in high-performance, low power CMOS, the TC7129 ADC is designed specifically for high-resolution, battery-powered digital multimeter applications. The traditional dual-slope method of A/D conversion has been enhanced with a succes sive integration technique to produce readings accurate to better than 0.005% of full-scale and resolution down to 10 μV per count.
The TC7129 includes features important to multimeter applications. It detects and indicates low battery condition. A continuity output drives an annunciator on the display and can be used with an external driver to sound an audible alarm. Overrange and underrange outputs, along with a range-change input, provide the ability to create auto-ranging instruments. For snapshot readings, the TC7129 includes a latch-and-hold input to freeze the present reading. This combination of features makes the TC7129 the ideal choice for full-featured multimeter and digital measurement applications.

• Count Resolution: ±19,999
• Resolution on 200 mV Scale: 10 μV
• True Differential Input and Reference
• Low Power Consumption: 500 μA at 9V
• Direct LCD Driver for 4-1/2 Digits, Decimal Points, Low Battery Indicator, and Continuity Indicator
• Overrange and Underrange Outputs
• Range Select Input: 10:1
• High Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 110 dB
• External Phase Compensation Not Required

• Full-Featured Multimeters
• Digital Measurement Devices

GS8170LW72C-333 [18Mb sigma 1x1Lp CMOS I/O Late ] ETC
GS8170LW72C-300I [18Mb sigma 1x1Lp CMOS I/O Late ] ETC
GS8170LW72C-333I [18Mb sigma 1x1Lp CMOS I/O Late ] ETC
TC7107CLW713 [IC ADC 3 1/2DGT LED DVR 44-PLCC ] Microchip
Microchip Technology
TC7106CLW713 [IC ADC 3 1/2DGT LCD DVR 44-PLCC ] Microchip
Microchip Technology
TC7106ACLW713 [IC ADC 3 1/2DGT LCD DVR 44-PLCC ] Microchip
Microchip Technology
GS8170LW72AC-333 [(GS8170LW36AC / GS8170LW72AC) Late Write SigmaRAM ] GSI
Giga Semiconductor
GS8170LW72C-200I [(GS8170LW36C / GS8170LW72C) Late Write SigmaRAM ] GSI
Giga Semiconductor
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