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NTE179 [Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Power Amplifier, High Current Switch ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE179 is a PNP type germainum transistor in a TO3 type case designed for high–current switching applications requiring low saturation voltages, fast switching times, and good safe operating conditions.

• Low Collector–Emitter Saturation Voltage:
   VCE(sat) = 0.5V (Max) @ IC = 5A


NTE179 [Germanium PNP Transistor Audio ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
NTE1794 [Integrated Circuit Volatge Controlled Amp (VCA) for dbx Noise Reduction System ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1794 is a dbx noise reduction system voltage controlled amp (VCA) in an 8–Lead SIP type package designed for use in tape decks and other audio equipment. This device features excellent linearity VCA for wider input level due to super low noise and a high gain NPN/PNP complementary process.

• Wide Operating Supply Voltage
• Excellent Linearity Control Constant
• Low Total Harmonic Distortion
• Low Noise


NTE1795 [Integrated Circuit RMS Level Sensor for dbx Noise Reduction System ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

• Wide Operating Supply Voltage
• Excellent Linearity Control Constant
• Wider Input Range


NTE1796 [Integrated Circuit Hybrid Switching Voltage Regulator ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

• Triple Diffused Transistor Chips Incorporated
• Compact Plastic Package with Industry Standard Reliability
• Output Voltage is Pre–Fixed – No External Adjustment is Required


NTE1797 [Integrated Circuit Color TV Vertical Output Circuit ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1797 is a monolithic linear IC designed for large–aperture color TV vertical deflection output and has such features as greatly reduced number of external parts and low power dissipation. The NTE1797 can be used in conjunction with the NTE1845 for video chroma deflection use and the NTE1538 for deflection use.

• High Output
• On–Chip Pump–Up Circuit and Low Power Dissipation
• Minimum Number of External Parts Required


NTE1798 [Integrated Circuit Dual, AF PO, 6W/Ch ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

• High–Output, Dual–Channel AF Power IC:
   PO = 6W x 2, VCC = 25V, RL = 8Ω, f = 1kHz
• Low Distortion: THD = 0.1%, VCC = 25V, RL = 8Ω, f = 1kHz, PO = 2W
• Minimum Number of External Components Required (No Bootstrap Capacitor Required)
• Low Pop Noise at Time of Power Switch ON/OFF
• High Ripple Rejection: 58dB Typ
• Wide Supply Voltage Range: 10V to 32V
• On–Chip Protection Against Abnormality (Thermal Shutdown, Overvoltage)


NTE1799 [Integrated Circuit Electronics Switch for VCR & Audio Applications ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1799 is a 3–channel 2–position high–performance analog switch in a 16–Lead DIP type package having wide applications from audio band to video band. It is also provided with 2 channels of muting function.

• 3–Channel 2–Position Switch
• Wide Input Dynamic Range
• Low Distortion
• Good Frequency Characteristic
• Muting Available


NTE1790 [Integrated Circuit Video IF, Chroma Deflection ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1790 combines all the functions required for an NTSC color TV system on a 64–Lead DIP shrink type plastic package. This device is designed to have wide application capability, from a fundamental CTV application to a high–end MPX CTV with quasi–parallel SIF system, with minimal external parts and adjustments. A quasi–parallel SIF system assures buzz free sound reproduction.

PIF Section
• 3–Stage Variable Gain PIF Amplifier
• High Speed Peak AGC with Dual Time Constants
• Single End AFT Output with Defeat Function
• A Delayed RF AGC Output (Reverse AGC)
• Sync Positive Detected Video Output Polarity
• Internal Black/White Noise Inverter Quasi–Parallel Inter Carrier Detector
• 3–Stage Variable Gain Intercarrier IF Amplifier
• Independent Peak AGC
• Intercarrier Detector with 90 deg. Carrier Shifter

SIF Section:
• 3–Stage Limiter Amplifier
• Differential Peak Detector
• Separated Detector Output and Electronic Attenuater Input for Multiplex TV Sound Reception
• Excellent Electronic Attenuater
• Preamplifier with an NF Terminal

Video Section:
• 2nd Order Picture Sharpness (DC Control)
• Contrast Control with Uni–Color Function
• Brightness Control with Pedestal Clamping Circuit (Adjustable DC Restoration Ratio)
• Internal Vertical Blanking

Chroma Section:
• ACC Circuit
• Color Control Circuit
• Uni–Color Control Circuit
• Adjustment Free APC Circuit
• Tint Control Circuit With Sync Pulse Output
• Color Differential Outputs

Deflection Section:
• Excellent Sync Separator
• Adjustment Free Count Down System
• Stable Vertical Synchronization
• Saw–Tooth Type AFC
• Horizontal Pre–Driver
• X–Ray Protector
• Vertical Drive Amplifier


NTE1791 [Integrated Circuit TV Remote Control Amplifier ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1791 is a silicon monolithic integrated circuit in a 9–Lead SIP type package designed for remote control preamplification of infrared signals. A PIN photo diode can be directly connected to the input terminal.
This device contains a high gain amplifier, a peak detector, and an output waveform shaper which are necessary for a remote control preamplifier and has improved light interference–rejection characteristics by use of a two–stage tuning circuit.
The NTE1791 output polarity is active “LOW”.

• Good Immunity from Light Interference: Narrow Bandwidth ±1.3kHz Typ.
• Operation Voltage: 6V ±10%
• Low Power Consumption: 2.4mA Typ.
• High Input Sensitivity: 50µVP–P Typ.
• Peak Detector: The Detector Level is Varied with the Input Signal Level.
• Output Terminal: Open Collector Output. Easy to Interface to Other Devices.


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