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NTE1885 [Integrated Circuit Module, 4 Phase Stepping Motor Driver, 1.75A ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

• Low heat generation due to constant current chopper system.
• Functions of pause action and power down.
• Able to be used in any stepping motor of hybrid typ, P.M. type, V.R. type.
• Inverter buffer provides direct drive, for 4 phase dual excitation.
• Built in sensing power resistors for load current.
• Protection elements for fly–back voltage are included.


NTE180 [Silicon Power Transistor High Power Audio Amplifier ]

other parts : NTE181 

NTE Electronics

The NTE180 (PNP) and NTE181 (NPN) are silicon complementary transistors in a TO3 type case designed for use as output devices in complementary audio amplifiers to 100 watts music power per channel.

• High DC Current Gain: hFE = 25 – 100 @ IC = 7.5A
• Excellent Safe Operating Area


NTE1800 [Integrated Circuit TV Multiplex Sound Decoder ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1800 Multiplexed Sound Decoder is a linear integrated circuit in a 30–Lead DIP type package that incorporates the SAP demodulation and the L, R matrix circuits required to demodulate multiplexed sound signals on the US NTSC system.
The NTE1800 also features mode switching to facilitate the use of remote control, and can be interfaced easily to the NTE1801 dbx Noise Reduction Decoder IC.

• Mode switching for remote control
• Built–in muting function
• Pilot cancel circuit
• 8.0 to 13.2V power supply
• 300mVrms (MONO) composite signal input voltage
• 30–pin plastic shrink DIP
• Easily interfaced to the NTE1801

• Pilot signal
• SAP signal
• Stereo demodulation
• SAP demodulation
• Mode switching
• Stereo and SAP display drivers
• Pilot canceler
• On–chip 4fH VCO
• On–chip 5fH VCO


NTE1888 [Integrated Circuit Horizontal and Vertical Deflection Monitor ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1888 is both a horizontal and a vertical deflection circuit in one 16–Lead DIP package.

• Direct Line Darlington Drive
• Direct Frame Yoke Drive (± 1A)
• Composite Video Signal Input Capability
• Frame Output Protection Against Short Circuits


NTE1801 [Integrated Circuit TV dbx Noise Reduction System ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1801 Multiplexed Sound dbx Noise Reduction Decoder is a single–chip linear IC in a 28–Lead DIP type package suitable for US NTSC System use. The device incorporates two RMS–level sensors and VCA circuits, as well as five operational amplifiers and two buffer circuits.
A complete multiplexed sound system for US NTSC System television sets can be built by interfacing the NTE1801 with the NTE1800 Multiplexed Sound Decoder.

• Low Distortion Ratio, Low Interference
• Low Power Supply Current
• Single, 8V to 15V Power Supply
• 100mVrms (300Hz, 0dB) Input Voltage (Pin4)
• Easily Interfaced to the NTE1800

• On–Chip dbx Noise Reduction Decoder and VCA Circuits
• On–Chip RMS Level Sensor
• L + R Signal Buffer Amplifier


NTE189 [Silicon Complementary Transistors High Voltage Amplifier & Driver ]

other parts : NTE188 

NTE Electronics

The NTE188 (NPN) and NTE189 (PNP) are complementary silicon transistors in a TO202N type package designed for general purpose, high voltage amplifier and driver applications.

• High Collector–Emitter Breakdown Voltage: V(BR)CEO = 80V @ IC = 1mA
• High Power Dissipation: PD = 10W @ TC = +25°C


NTE1890 [Integrated Circuit NTSC Decoder for TV ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1890 is a monolithic integrated decoder for the NTSC color television standards. It combines all functions required for the demodulation of NTSC signals. Further more it contains a luminance amplifier, an RGB–matrix and amplifier. These amplifiers supply output signals up to 5V peak–to–peak (picture information) enabling direct drive of the discrete output stages.


NTE1802 [Integrated Circuit Power Amplifier for Car Stereo Radio, 12W/Ch or 24W BTL ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1802 is an integrated class–B output amplifier in a 13–Lead SIP type package. This device contains two identical amplifiers with different input stages which can be used for stereo or bridge applications. The gain of each amplifier is fixed at 20dB. A special feature of the NTE1802 is the mute/stand–by switch.

• Requires Few External Components
• High Output Power (With Bootstrap)
• Low Offset Voltage at Output
• Fixed Gain
• Good Ripple Rejection
• Mute/Stand–By Switch
• Load Dump Protection
• AC and DC Short–Circuit Safe
• Thermally Protected
• Reverse Polarity Safe
• Capability to handle High Energy on Outputs
• No Switch–On/Switch–Off Pop
• Flexible Leads
• Low Thermal Resistance
• Identical Inputs (Inverting and Non–Inverting)


NTE1803 [Integrated Circuit Stereo Audio Control ] NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics

The NTE1803 is an linear integrated circuit in a 18–Lead DIP type package designed as an active stereo tone/volume control for car radios, TV receivers, and audio equipment. It includes functions for bass and treble control, volume control with built–in contour (can be switched off), and balance.
All these functions can be controlled by DC voltages or by single linear potentiometers. The bass and treble responses are defined by a single capacitor per control per channel.

• Few External Components Necessary
• Low Noise due to Internal Gain
• Bass Emphasis can be Increased by a Double–Pole Low–Pass Filter
• Wide Power Supply Range

• Hi–Fi Radio
• Auto Radio
• TV
• Audio Systems


NTE1892 [Integrated Circuit Dual Bi−Directional Motor Driver with Brake Function and Thermal Shutdown ]

other parts : NTE1892A 

NTE Electronics

The NTE1892 and NTE1892A are bi−directional motor drivers in a 12−Lead SIP type package and consists of two full bridge drivers designed for use in a two DC motor control circuit.

• Two Separate Full Bridge Drivers (Only one circuit can be switched by the Select (SE) Input).
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: VCC = 4V to 16V
• TTL, PMOS, CMOS Outputs, Capable of Direct Drive
• Low Output Saturation Voltage
• Built−in Clamp Diode
• High Output Drive Current: IOmax = ±2A
• Braking Mode Input
• Internal Thermal Shutdown Protection

• Audio Tape Deck Player
• Radio/Cassette Player
• Video Cassette Recorder
• Home Equipment Use


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