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AD7871 Datasheet

Part NameAD7871 AD
Analog Devices AD
DescriptionLC2MOS Complete 14-Bit, Sampling ADCs
AD7871 image

The AD7871/AD7872 are fast, complete, 14-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC). They consist of a track-and-hold amplifier, successive approximation ADC, 3 V buried Zener reference, and versatile interface logic. The ADC features a selfcontained, laser trimmed internal clock, so no external clock timing components are required. The on-chip clock may be overridden to synchronize ADC operation to the digital system for minimum noise.
    Complete monolithic 14-bit ADC
    Twos complement coding
    Parallel, byte, and serial digital interface
    80 dB SNR at 10 kHz input frequency
    57 ns data access time
    Low power: 50 mW typ
    83 kSPS throughput rate
    Digital signal processing
    High speed modems
    Speech recognition and synthesis
    Spectrum analysis
    DSP servo control


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