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AD8033ARZ-REEL1 데이터시트

Analog Devices ADI
상세내역Low Cost, 80 MHz FastFET Op Amps
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The AD8033/AD8034 FastFET™ amplifiers are voltage feedback amplifiers with FET inputs, offering ease of use and excellent performance. The AD8033 is a single amplifier and the AD8034 is a dual amplifier. The AD8033/AD8034 FastFET op amps in Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary XFCB process offer significant performance improvements over other low cost FET amps, such as low noise (11 nV/√Hz and 0.7 fA/√Hz) and high speed (80 MHz bandwidth and 80 V/μs slew rate).
With a wide supply voltage range from 5 V to 24 V and fully operational on a single supply, the AD8033/AD8034 amplifiers work in more applications than similarly priced FET input amplifiers. In addition, the AD8033/AD8034 have rail-to-rail outputs for added versatility.
Despite their low cost, the amplifiers provide excellent overall performance. They offer a high common-mode rejection of −100 dB, low input offset voltage of 2 mV maximum, and low noise of 11 nV/√Hz.
The AD8033/AD8034 amplifiers only draw 3.3 mA/amplifier of quiescent current while having the capability of delivering up to 40 mA of load current.
The AD8033 is available in a small package 8-lead SOIC and a small package 5-lead SC70. The AD8034 is also available in a small package 8-lead SOIC and a small package 8-lead SOT-23. They are rated to work over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to +85°C without a premium over commercial grade products.

  FET input amplifier
     1 pA typical input bias current
  Very low cost
  High speed
     80 MHz, −3 dB bandwidth (G = +1)
     80 V/μs slew rate (G = +2)
  Low noise
     11 nV/√Hz (f = 100 kHz)
     0.7 fA/√Hz (f = 100 kHz)
  Wide supply voltage range: 5 V to 24 V
  Low offset voltage: 1 mV typical
  Single-supply and rail-to-rail output
  High common-mode rejection ratio: −100 dB
  Low power: 3.3 mA/amplifier typical supply current
  No phase reversal
  Small packaging: 8-lead SOIC, 8-lead SOT-23, and 5-lead SC70

  Level shifting

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