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AD820 Datasheet

Part NameAD820 ADI
Analog Devices ADI
DescriptionSingle-Supply, Rail-to-Rail, Low Power, FET Input Op Amp
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The AD820 is a precision, low power FET input op amp that can operate from a single supply of 5 V to 36 V, or dual supplies of ±2.5 V to ±18 V. It has true single-supply capability, with an input voltage range extending below the negative rail, allowing the AD820 to accommodate input signals below ground in the single-supply mode. Output voltage swing extends to within 10 mV of each rail, providing the maximum output dynamic range.
    True single-supply operation
        Output swings rail-to-rail
        Input voltage range extends below ground
        Single-supply capability from 5 V to 30 V
        Dual-supply capability from ±2.5 V to ±15 V
    Excellent load drive
        Capacitive load drive up to 350 pF
        Minimum output current of 15 mA
    Excellent ac performance for low power
        800 μA maximum quiescent current
        Unity-gain bandwidth: 1.8 MHz
        Slew rate of 3 V/μs
    Excellent dc performance
        800 μV maximum input offset voltage
        2 μV/°C typical offset voltage drift
        25 pA maximum input bias current
    Low noise: 13 nV/√Hz @ 10 kHz
    Battery-powered precision instrumentation
    Photodiode preamps
    Active filters
    12-bit to 14-bit data acquisition systems
    Medical instrumentation
    Low power references and regulators


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