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AM29F200A Datasheet

Part NameAM29F200A AMD
Advanced Micro Devices AMD
Description2 Megabit (256 K x 8-Bit/128 K x 16-Bit) CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Boot Sector Flash Memory
AM29F200AT-120SC image

The Am29F200A is a 2 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash memory organized as 262,144 bytes or 131,072 words. The 8 bits of data appear on DQ0–DQ7; the 16 bits on DQ0– DQ15. The Am29F200A is offered in 44-pin SO and 48-pin TSOP packages. This device is designed to be programmed in-system with the standard system 5.0 volt VCC supply. A 12.0 volt VPP is not required for program or erase operations. The device can also be reprogrammed in standard EPROM programmers.
■ 5.0 V ± 10% for read and write operations
    — Minimizes system level power requirements
■ High performance
    — Access times as fast as 55 ns
■ Low power consumption
    — 20 mA typical active read current (byte mode)
    — 28 mA typical active read current for
        (word mode)
    — 30 mA typical program/erase current
    — 1 µA typical standby current
■ Sector erase architecture
    — One 16 Kbyte, two 8 Kbyte, one 32 Kbyte, and
        three 64 Kbyte sectors (byte mode)
    — One 8 Kword, two 4 Kword, one 16 Kword, and
        three 32 Kword sectors (word mode)
    — Supports full chip erase
    — Sector Protection features:
        A hardware method of locking a sector to
        prevent any program or erase operations within
        that sector
        Sectors can be locked via programming
        Temporary Sector Unprotect feature allows code
        changes in previously locked sectors
■ Top or bottom boot block configurations
■ Embedded Algorithms
    — Embedded Erase algorithm automatically
        preprograms and erases the entire chip or any
        combination of designated sectors
    — Embedded Program algorithm automatically
        writes and verifies data at specified addresses
■ Minimum 100,000 write/erase cycles guaranteed
■ Package options
    — 44-pin SO
    — 48-pin TSOP
■ Compatible with JEDEC standards
    — Pinout and software compatible with
        single-power-supply flash
    — Superior inadvertent write protection
■ Data# Polling and Toggle Bit
    — Detects program or erase cycle completion
■ Ready/Busy# output (RY/BY#)
    — Hardware method for detection of program or
        erase cycle completion
■ Erase Suspend/Erase Resume
    — Supports reading data from a sector not being
■ Hardware RESET# pin
    — Resets internal state machine to the reading
        array data

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