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APW7060 Datasheet

Part NameAPW7060 Anpec
Anpec Electronics Anpec
DescriptionDual Controllers - Step Down Synchronous PWM and Linear Controller

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General Description
The APW7060 integrates a synchronous buck PWM controller and a linear controller to provide two regulated voltages in a single package. The PWM controller drives external N-channel MOSFETs and operates at a fixed 600kHz frequency.

•Provides Two Regulated Voltages
- One Synchronous DC/DC Buck Controller
- One Linear Controller
•0.8V Internal Reference Voltage
- Both Controllers: 0.8V ± 2% Line, Load and Temp.
•Output Voltage Range
- PWM Controller : 0.8V to VIN
- Linear Controller : 0.8V to (12VCC-VGSpass)
•Full Duty Cycle Range for PWM Controller
- 0% to 100%
•Internal Loop Compensation for PWM Controller
•Internal 2ms Soft Start and Short Circuit Protection for both Controllers
•Both Controllers Drive N-Channel MOSFETs
•Small Converter Size
- 600kHz Constant Switching Frequency
- Simple SO-14 Package
•Shutdown Control

•Graphics Cards
•12V, 5V and 3.3V Inputs DC-DC Converter
•DSP Supplies
•Embedded processor and I/O supplies

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