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BQ2002CPN-SI Datasheet

Part NameBQ2002CPN-SI TI
Texas Instruments TI
DescriptionNiCd/NiMH Fast-Charge Management IC

BQ2002CPN-SI image

General Description
The bq2002C Fast-Charge IC is alow cost CMOS battery-char ge controller providingreliable charge termination for bothNiCd and NiMHbattery applications. Controlling a current-limited or constant-current supplyallows the bq2002C to be thebasis for acost effectivestand-alone or system-inte grated charger. Thebq2002Cinte grates fast charge withpulsed-trickle control in a single IC for charging one or more NiCd orNiMHbatterycells.

➤ Fast charge of nickel cadmium
   or nickel-metal hydride batteries
➤ Direct LED output displays
   charge status
➤ Fast-charge termination by -∆V,
   maximum voltage, maximum
   temperature, and maximum
➤ Internal band-gap voltage reference
➤ Selectable pulse-trickle charge
➤ Low-power mode
➤ 8-pin 300-mil DIP or 150-mil

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