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C4880-91 Datasheet

Part NameC4880-91 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics Hamamatsu
DescriptionDigital CCD Camera(Manufactured to order)

C4880-92 image

Digital CCD Camera

This camera system has an image intensifier ( 18 mm dia.) coupled through a fiber optics to Hamamatsu’s CCD S5466. This provides ultra-high sensitivity.
Under a low light level region that requires a long time exposure time, this camera can acquire equivalent S/N images within a shorter period of time. Furthermore, the ultra high speed gating function (shortest gate time: 5 ns) and gate repetition function (maximum rate: 10 kHz) have been implemented. Acquisition of images in synchronization with repetitive phenomenon enables image accumulation by the CCD. This provides images with a
higher S/N ratio compared to accumulation using memory.

•Ultra fast gate time 5 ns
•Ultra high sensitivity
•Wide dynamic range
•On-chip integration

•Analysis of engine combustion
•Analysis of flames
•Ozone layer measurements
•All-sky camera
•Repetitive phenomenon in extremely faint light regions

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