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C6086 Datasheet

Part NameC6086 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics Hamamatsu
DescriptionX-Ray CCD Camera

C6086-04 image

The C6086 series is a compact, lightweight, high resolution X-ray CCD camera. It consists of an X-ray sensitive scintillator (P43) coated on a tapered fiberoptic bundle direct coupled to a CCD camera. The C6086-90 camera controller incorporates a 10-bit A/D converter for precise image acquisition and is also capable of a number of realtime image processing functions such as averaging, background subtraction and edge enhancement.

• High Spatial Resolution
25 µm (C6086-03, 04)
43 µm (C6086-13, 14)
62 µm (C6086-23, 24)
30 µm (C6086-53, 54)
•Effective X-ray tube voltage range 10 to 100 kVp
•Contrast Enhancement
•10-bit A/D converter
•Real Time Image Processing

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