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CXD4141 Datasheet

Part Name Description Manufacturer
CXD4141 System ICs for Security Cameras Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
CXD4141 image

Description :
System ICs for High Resolution and High Sensitivity Cameras Support 960H CCD Image Sensors

Sony has developed system ICs for analog security cameras, the Effio-V (CXD4141GG) and Effio-A (CXD4151GG) with drastically improved functions and performance as the third generation of the EffioTM series. The Effio-V and Effio-A can be combined with 960H CCD image sensors to realize the highest horizontal resolution over 700 TV lines in the Effio series. Also the ICs improved overall functions such as noise reduction (3D-NR), exposure optimization of infrared LED, wide dynamic range (WDR), or defog. And visibilities in different conditions with low light, infrared light, or high (low) contrast were greatly improved.

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