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DM74LS393CW Datasheet

Part NameDM74LS393CW Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
DescriptionDual 4-Bit Binary Counter

DM74LS393 image

General Description
Each of these monolithic circuits contains eight master slave flip-flops and additional gating to implement two indi vidual four-bit counters in a single package. The DM74LS393 comprises two independent four-bit binary counters each having a clear and a clock input. N-bit binary counters can be implemented with each package providing the capability of divide-by-256. The DM74LS393 has paral lel outputs from each counter stage so that any submultiple of the input count frequency is available for system-timing signals.

■ Dual version of the popular DM74LS93
■ DM74LS393 dual 4-bit binary counter with individual clocks
■ Direct clear for each 4-bit counter
■ Dual 4-bit versions can significantly improve system densities by reducing counter package count by 50%
■ Typical maximum count frequency 35 MHz
■ Buffered outputs reduce possibility of collector commutation

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