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DME-3000 Datasheet

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DME-3000 Digital Multi Effects Systems Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
DME-7000 image

Let’s say your facility needs a new DME — the editors in the post division are constantly remarking that the clients want new multi-channel effects, with cleaner pictures and more dazzle. Let’s say that the same facility’s production unit needs a new digital effects system for the weekly magazine now in production — some simple moves plus a few page turns will suffice. And the same facility’s remote unit could really use some sparkle — a certain sports director wants to fly each replay with trails.
Three different boxes? Three different control panels and user-interfaces? How about one, with the capability to handle all these requirements. Sony’s “DME” series of Digital Multi Effects devices provides the answer. Both the DME-3000 and DME-7000 deliver superb picture quality plus a wide variety of effects — with the advantage of one simple control panel, human interface, and operating style!

DME-3000/7000 Feature Overview
This chapter provides a comprehensive discussion of DME-3000 and DME-7000 features, taking a complete approach to both the functionality and the benefits of the system’s digital effects tools.
The following sections are included:
   ● The “Talent, Creativity, and Quality” section discusses the primary
      reasons why production personnel will choose the DME-series.
   ● The “DME Toolbox” section discusses large categories of DME
      features — both the basic features, and tools that operators value the
      most on the DME-3000 and DME-7000.
For an itemized approach to system features, refer to Appendix A, “Feature List.” This appendix provides tables and descriptions of many DME features.
Note that some features described in the following sections may apply only when the Sony DME-3000 and DME-7000 are used with Sony DVS-7000 Series, DVS-2000C, BVE-2000, and BVE-9100 systems.

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