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EK57 Datasheet

Part NameEK57 Apex
Apex Microtechnology Apex
DescriptionEvaluation Kit

EK57 image

This easy-to-use kit provides a platform for the evaluation of linear power amplifiers circuits using the MP108FD & MP111FD pin out. With ample bread boarding areas it is flexible enough to analyze a multitude of standard or proprietary circuit configurations. Critical connections for power supply bypassing are prewired. Components not usually readily available in engineering labs are provided. External connection to the evaluation kit can be made via the terminal block and terminal pads at the edges of the circuit board. The terminal pads are suitable for soldering standard banana jacks or direct wiring of wires. Additionally, banana jacks and a BNC connector can be inserted into the holes at the edge of the board and wired to the numbered terminal pads.

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