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GS9023A Datasheet

Part NameGS9023A Gennum
Gennum -> Semtech Gennum
DescriptionGENLINX™ IIGS9023A Embedded Audio CODEC
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The GS9023A is a highly integrated, single chip solution for the multiplexing/demultiplexing of digital audio channels into and out of digital video signals. The GS9023A supports the multiplexing/demultiplexing of 20 or 24-bit synchronous audio data with a 48kHz sample rate.
Audio signals with different sample rates may be sample rate converted to 48kHz before and after the GS9023A using audio sample rate converters.

• single chip embedded audio solution
• operates as an embedded audio multiplexer or demultiplexer
• full support for 48kHz synchronous 20/24bit audio
• 4 channels of audio per GS9023A
• cascadable architecture supports additional audio channels
• multiplexes and demultiplexes arbitrary ANC data packets
• support for 143, 177, 270, 360 and 540 Mb/s video standards
• full processing of audio parity, channel status and user data
• multiplexes and demultiplexes audio control packets
• EDH generation and insertion when in Multiplex Mode
• 3.3V core with 3.3V or 5VI/O (requires 5V supply)
• complies with SMPTE 272M A, B, and C

SDI Embedded Audio

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