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ICS9177 Datasheet

Part NameICS9177 ICST
Integrated Circuit Systems ICST
DescriptionHigh Frequency System Clock Generator
ICS9177 Datasheet PDF : ICS9177 pdf   
ICS9177 Datasheet

General Description
The ICS9177 is a multiple output clock generator ideal for high speed processor system applications. A single high speed internal VCO is utilized to derive up to four simultaneous clock output frequencies. This enables output clock skew matching and the minimization of clock jitter. The internal VCO operates up to 350 MHz providing edge skew matched output clocks.

• Provides output frequencies up to 175 Mhz
• Internal VCO is divided into four skew-matched output frequencies (Out A, B, C, D)
• External clock feedback provides input to output skew matching
• Differential PECL clock output pair provided for high speed output (Out A)
• 12 TTL clock outputs (for Out B, C, D)
• Single 5 volt power supply voltage
• Internal loop filters
• 52-pin QFP package


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