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IL205A Datasheet

Part NameIL205A Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
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The IL205A/206A/207A/208A are optically coupled pairs with a Gallium Arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. Signal information, including a DC level, can be transmitted by the device while maintaining a high degree of electrical isolation between input and output. The IL205/6/7/8 come in a standard SOIC-8 small outline package for surface mounting which makes them ideally suited for high density applications with limited space. In addition to eliminating through-holes requirements, this package conforms to standards for surface mounted devices.
A specified minimum and maximum CTR allows a narrow tolerance in the electrical design of the adjacent circuits. The high BVCEO of 70 volts gives a higher safety margin compared to the industry standard 30 volts.

• High Current Transfer Ratio, IF=10 mA,
   VCE=5 V
   IL205A, 40–80%
   IL206A, 63–125%
   IL207A, 100–200%
   IL208A, 160–320%
• High BVCEO, 70 V
• Isolation Test Voltage, 2500 VACRMS
• Industry Standard SOIC-8 Surface Mountable Package
• Standard Lead Spacing, .05"
• Available in Tape and Reel Option—Suffix “T”
   (Conforms to EIA Standard RS481A)
• Compatible with Dual Wave, Fapor Phase and IR Reflow Soldering
• Underwriters Lab File #E52744 (Code Letter P)

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