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KBD42W11 Datasheet

Part Name Description Manufacturer
KBD42W11 Keyboard Controller SMSC
SMSC -> Microchip SMSC
Other PDF  not available.
KBD42W11 image

The KBD42W11 keyboard controller is programmed to support the IBM® compatible personal computer keyboard serial interface. The keyboard controller receives serial data from the keyboard, checks the parity of the data, translates the scan code, and presents the data to the system as a byte of data in its output buffer. The controller will interrupt the system when data is placed in its output buffer. The byte of data will be sent to the keyboard serially with an odd parity bit automatically inserted. The keyboard is required to acknowledge all data transmissions. No transmission should be sent to the keyboard until acknowledgment is received for the previous byte sent.

• Supports IBM PC and Compatible System Designs
• Runs Much Faster Than Traditional Keyboard Controllers
• Host interface Compatible with Traditional Keyboard Controller
• 6 MHz – 12 MHz Operating Frequency
• Communicates with Keyboard Directly
• High-reliability CMOS Technology
• 40 Pin DIP and 44 Pin PLCC Package

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