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L311 Datasheet

Part NameL311 Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
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The LP211 and LP311 devices are low-power versions of the industry-standard LM211 and LM311 devices.
They take advantage of stable, high-value, ion-implanted resistors to perform the same function as the LM311 series, with a 30:1 reduction in power consumption, but only a 6:1 slowdown in response time. They are well suited for battery-powered applications and all other applications where fast response times are not needed.

● Low Power Drain . . . 900 μW Typical With
   5-V Supply
● Operates From ±15 V or From a Single
   Supply as Low as 3 V
● Output Drive Capability of 25 mA
● Emitter Output Can Swing Below Negative
● Response Time . . . 1.2 μs Typ
● Low Input Currents:
   Offset Current . . . 2 nA Typ
   Bias Current . . . 15 nA Typ
● Wide Common-Mode Input Range:
   −14.5 V to 13.5 V Using ±15-V Supply
● Offset Balancing and Strobe Capability
● Same Pinout as LM211, LM311
● Designed To Be Interchangeable With
   Industry-Standard LP311


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