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L4949D Datasheet

Part NameL4949D Motorola
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L4949 Datasheet

Μultifunction Very Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

The L4949 is a monolithic integrated 5.0 V voltage regulator with a very low dropout and additional functions such as power–on reset and input voltage sense.
It is designed for supplying the micro–computer controlled systems especially in automotive applications.

• Operating DC Supply Voltage Range 5.0 V to 28 V
• Transient Supply Voltage Up to 40 V
• Extremely Low Quiescent Current in Standby Mode
• High Precision Standby Output Voltage 5.0 V ±1%
• Output Current Capability Up to 100 mA
• Very Low Dropout Voltage Less Than 0.4 V
• Reset Circuit Sensing The Output Voltage
• Programmable Reset Pulse Delay With External Capacitor
• Voltage Sense Comparator
• Thermal Shutdown and Short Circuit Protections


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L4949D 100 mA, 5.0 V, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Power−On Reset

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