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LA9250M Datasheet

Part Name Description Manufacturer
LA9250M CD Player Analog Signal Processor (ASP) SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic SANYO
LA9250M image

The LA9250M is a servo signal-processing IC for CD players. In combination with a CD DSP such as the LC78626KE, it can implement a CD player with a minimal number of external components.

• Low-voltage operation: 2.4 V (minimum)
• Low current drain: 15 mA (at VCC = 3.0 V, typical)
• Built-in EF balance adjustment
• Built-in RF level AGC function
• RF level follower function for the tracking servo gain
   (with turn-off function)

• I/V amplifier
• FE
• Focus servo amplifier
• Spindle servo amplifier (with gain switching function)
• Focus detection (DRF and FZD)
• Defect detection
• RF amplifier with AGC
• TE (with variable gain and auto balance function)
• Tracking servo amplifier
• Sled servo amplifier (with turn-off function)
• Track detection (HFL, TES)
• Shock detection

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