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LTC3260 Datasheet

Part NameLTC3260 Linear
Linear Technology Linear
DescriptionLow Noise Dual Supply Inverting Charge Pump

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The LTC®3260 is a low noise dual polarity output power supply that includes an inverting charge pump with both positive and negative LDO regulators. The charge pump operatesoverawide4.5Vto32Vinputrangeandcandeliver up to 100mA of output current. Each LDO regulator can provide up to 50mA of output current. The negative LDO post regulator is powered from the charge pump output. The LDO output voltages can be adjusted using external resistor dividers.

■ VIN Range: 4.5V to 32V
■ Inverting Charge Pump Generates –VIN
■ Charge Pump Output Current Up to 100mA
■ Low Noise Negative LDO Post Regulator
   (ILDO– = 50mA Max)
■ Low Noise Independent Positive LDO Regulator
   (ILDO+ = 50mA Max)
■ 100µA Quiescent Current in Burst Mode® Operation
   with Both LDO Regulators On
■ 50kHz to 500kHz Programmable Oscillator Frequency
■ Stable with Ceramic Capacitors
■ Short-Circuit/Thermal Protection
■ Low Profile 3mm × 4mm 14-Pin DFN and Thermally
   Enhanced 16-Pin MSOP Packages
■ Low Noise Bipolar/Inverting Supplies
■ Industrial/Instrumentation Low Noise Bias Generators
■ Portable Medical Equipment
■ Portable Instruments

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