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LX8584-00CP Datasheet

Part NameLX8584-00CP Microsemi
Microsemi Corporation Microsemi
Description7A Low Dropout Positive Regualtors
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The LX8584/84A/84B series ICs are low dropout three-terminal positive regulators with a nominal 7A output current. This product family is ideally suited for Pentium® Processor and Power PCTM applications requiring fast transient response. The LX8584A is guaranteed to have < 1.2V at 7A and the LX8584/84B < 1.4V at 7A dropout voltage, making them ideal to provide well regulated outputs of 2.5V to 3.6V using a 5V input supply. In addition, the LX8584B also offers ±1% maximum voltage reference accuracy over temperature. Fixed versions are also available and are specified in the Available Options table below.
■ Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Output
■ Guaranteed 1% Voltage Accuracy over Temperature (LX8584B)
■ Guaranteed < 1.2V Headroom at 7A (LX8584A)
■ Guaranteed < 1.4V Headroom at 7A (LX8584/84B)
■ Output Current of 7A
■ Fast Transient Response
■ 1% Voltage Reference Initial Accuracy
■ Output Short Circuit Protection
■ Built-in Thermal Shutdown
■ Evaluation Board Available: Request LXE9001 Evaluation Kit

■ Pentium™ Processor Supplies
■ Power PC™ Supplies
■ Microprocessor Supplies
■ Low Voltage Logic Supplies
■ Post Regulator for Switching Supply

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