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MAX11811TEVS+ Datasheet

Part Name Description Manufacturer
MAX11811TEVS+ MAX11811 Touch Evaluation System (TEVS) MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
Other PDF  not available.
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General Description
The MAX11811 touch evaluation system (TEVS) demonstrates the rich features of the MAX11811 touchscreen controller (TSC) and allows its evaluation. The TEVS consists of a USB interface board (UTIBB+), MAX11811 evaluation kit (EV kit), and a 4-wire touch sensor mounted with an linear resonant actuator (LRA) motor (USB cable included).

♦ Complete Evaluation System Including
   USB-to-Serial Interface (I2C) Board
♦ Convenient Test Points Provided On-Board for
   Digital Interface and Analog Signals
♦ Interfaces to Common 4-Wire Resistive Touch
   Sensors through Standard FPC Connectors
      1.25mm Pitch
      1mm Pitch
      0.5mm Pitch
♦ Built-In LDOs and Level Translators for Operation
   with 1.8V, 3.0V, and 3.6V
♦ IR-Based Driver and Proximity Sensor Included**
♦ Integrated Haptic Controller and Driver Motor for
   Motor-Based Haptic Feedback
♦User-Friendly GUI Interface (Microsoft Windows
   XP and Windows 7-Compatible USB Interface and
♦ Easy Access to TSC Configuration Registers and
   Status Registers
♦ Direct and Autonomous Conversion-Mode
   Demonstration Capability
♦ Ability to Capture Raw Data and Display the Data
   in Either Conversion Mode
♦ Pseudo Multi-Touch Demonstration

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