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MC34063AD Datasheet

Part NameMC34063AD HTC
DescriptionDC-DC Converter Control Circuits

MC34063A image

The MC34063A/B series is a monolithic control circuit delivering the main functions for DC-DC voltage converting. The device contains an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, duty cycle
controlled oscillator with an active current limit circuit driver and high current output switch.  Output voltage is adjustable through two external resistors with a 2% reference accuracy.

 Output Switch Current In Excess of 1.5A
 2% Reference Accuracy
 Low Quiescent Current : 2.5mA(Typ.)
 Operating From 3V to 40V 
 Frequency Operation to 100KHz 
 Active Current Limiting 
 Moisture Sensitivity Level 3D
 MC34063AG is Halogen Free Products 

Battery Chargers
NICs / Switches / Hubs
ADSL Modems
Negative Voltage Power Supplies

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