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MM1075 Datasheet

Part NameMM1075 Mitsumi
Mitsumi Mitsumi
DescriptionSystem Reset (with built-in watchdog timer)
MM1075 Datasheet PDF : MM1075 pdf     
MM1075 image

This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and other logic systems to generate a reset signal and reset the system accurately during momentary interruption or lowering of power supply voltage.
It also has a built-in watchdog timer for operation diagnosis. This prevents the system from running wild by generating an intermittent reset pulse during system mis-operation.

1. Built-in watchdog timer
2. Low minimum operating voltage VCC=0.8V typ.
3. Both positive and negative logic reset output can be extracted
4. Accurate detection of drop in power supply voltage
5. Detection voltage has hysteresis
6. Few external parts 1 capacitor
7. Timer monitoring time can be varied by using an external resistor

Microcomputer system monitoring, etc.


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