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NBB-312-T1 Даташит

Номер в каталогеNBB-312-T1 RFMD
RF Micro Devices RFMD
Компоненты ОписаниеCascadable Broadband GaAs MMIC Amplifier DC to 12GHz

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The NBB-312 cascadable broadband InGaP/GaAs MMIC amplifier is a low-cost, high-performance solution for general purpose RF and microwave amplification needs. This 50Ω gain block is based on a reliable HBT proprietary MMIC design, providing unsurpassed performance for small-signal applications. Designed with an external bias resistor, the NBB-312 provides flexibility and stability. The NBB-312 is packaged in a low cost, surface-mount ceramic package, providing ease of assembly for high-volume tape-and-reel requirements. It is available in either 1,000 or 3,000 piece-per-reel quantities. Connectorized evaluation board designs optimized for high frequency are also available for characterization purposes.

■ Reliable, Low-Cost HBT Design
■ 12.5dB Gain
■ High P1dB of +15.8dBm at 6GHz
■ Single Power Supply Operation
■ 50Ω I/O Matched for High Frequency Use

■ Narrow and Broadband Commercial and Military Radio Designs
■ Linear and Saturated Amplifiers
■ Gain Stage or Driver Amplifiers
   for MWRadio/Optical Designs (PTP/PMP/LMDS/UNII/VSAT/WiFi/Cellular/DWDM)


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