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NJM2244 Datasheet

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Japan Radio Corporation  JRC
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The NJM2244 is a three input integrated video switch, which selects one video signal from three input signals. It contains driver circuit for 75Ω load and is able to connect to TV monitor. Its operating supply voltage range is 5 to 12v and bandwidth is 10MHz. Crosstalk is 70dB (at 4.43MHz). NJM2244 contains clamp function and it can be operated while setting DC level fixed in position of the video signal.

 Operating Voltage 4.75 to 13V
 3 input - 1 Output
 Internal Driver Circuit for 75Ω Impedance
 Muting Function available
 Internal Clamp Function
 Low power Dissipation 16.5mA
 Cross-talk 70dB (at 4.43MHz)
 Wide Frequency Range 10MHz (2VP-P Input)
 Package Outline DIP8, DMP8, SIP8
 Bipolar Technology

 VCR Video Camera AV-TV Video Disc Player

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