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NJM2375 Datasheet

Part NameNJM2375 JRC
Japan Radio Corporation  JRC
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The NJM2375/A are active power factor controllers, which limit the harmonic current resulting from the power supply block of electrical devices.
They include a startup timer, an one quadrant multiplier, a zero current detector to ensure critical condition operation, a transconductance error amplifier, high precision reference, a current sensing comparator, and a totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET. They also contain protection circuits for overvoltage, cycle-by-cycle overcurrent, and maximum peak current. The startup threshold of NJM2375A is lower than that of NJM2375.

● Overvoltage Comparator Eliminates Runaway Output Voltage
● Internal Quick Start
● Internal Startup Timer
● One Quadrant Multiplier
● Zero Current Detector
● High Precision Reference (±2%)
● Totem Pole Output with High State Clamp
● Undervoltage Lockout
(Startup Threshold/NJM2375:13V typ., NJM2375A:10.4V typ.)
● Low Startup and Operating Current
● Bipolar Technology
● Package Outline DIP8,DMP8,SSOP14,SIP8

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