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NJU7660A Datasheet

Part NameNJU7660A JRC
Japan Radio Corporation  JRC
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NJU7660A is a CMOS switched capacitor, voltage converter designed to be an Improved direct replacement of popular 7660/1044.
NJU7660A provides several voltage conversion functions.
The application circuit of negative voltage (VOUT= -VIN) converter requires only two capacitors, and positive twofold voltage(VOUT=2VIN) converter requires two capacitors and two diodes as external components.

 Full Compatible with NJU7660
 Correspond to MLCC and electrolytic capacitor
 Twofold positive Output
 Polarity-converted Negative voltage Output
 Operating voltage range :+1.5V to +10V(for Negative voltage converter)
                                  :+3.0V to +10V(for Twofold voltage converter)
 High-efficiency voltage conversion rate :99.9%(No load, Negative voltage converter)
 Few external components :2 capacitors(Negative voltage converter)
                                   :2 capacitors, 2diode(Twofold voltage converter)
 Package Outline :DMP8, SSOP8
 CMOS Technology


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