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NTE1892 Datasheet

Part NameNTE1892 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
DescriptionIntegrated Circuit Dual Bi−Directional Motor Driver with Brake Function and Thermal Shutdown
NTE1892 Datasheet PDF : NTE1892 pdf   
NTE1892A Datasheet

The NTE1892 and NTE1892A are bi−directional motor drivers in a 12−Lead SIP type package and consists of two full bridge drivers designed for use in a two DC motor control circuit.

• Two Separate Full Bridge Drivers (Only one circuit can be switched by the Select (SE) Input).
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: VCC = 4V to 16V
• TTL, PMOS, CMOS Outputs, Capable of Direct Drive
• Low Output Saturation Voltage
• Built−in Clamp Diode
• High Output Drive Current: IOmax = ±2A
• Braking Mode Input
• Internal Thermal Shutdown Protection

• Audio Tape Deck Player
• Radio/Cassette Player
• Video Cassette Recorder
• Home Equipment Use


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