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PJ296B Datasheet

Part NamePJ296B NEL
NEL Frequency Controls NEL
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Differential Positive ECL (DPECL) Fast Edge
PJ-A2960 Series

The PJ-A2960 Series of quartz crystal oscillators provide DPECL Fast Edge compatible signals. Systems designers may now specify space-saving, cost-effective packaged PECL oscillators to meet their timing requirements.

• Wide frequency range–125.0MHz to 312.5MHz
• User specified tolerance available
• Will withstand vapor phase temperatures of 253°C for 4 minutes maximum
• Space-saving alternative to discrete component oscillators
• High shock resistance, to 1000g
• 3.3 volt operation
• Metal lid electrically connected to ground to reduce EMI
• Fast rise and fall times <600 ps
• High Reliability - NEL HALT/HASS qualified for crystal oscillator start-up conditions
• Low Jitter - Wavecrest jitter characterization available
• Overtone technology
• High Q Crystal actively tuned oscillator circuit
• Power supply decoupling internal
• No internal PLL avoids cascading PLL problems
• High frequencies due to proprietary design
• Gold plated pads

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