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PM8610-BIAP Datasheet

Part NamePM8610-BIAP PMC
PMC-Sierra, Inc PMC
DescriptionSBI Bus Serializer (SBS)
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The PM8610 SBI336 Bus Serializer (SBS) is a monolithic integrated circuit that implements conversion between a byte-serial 19.44 MHz SBI bus or 77.76 MHz SBI336 bus and a redundant
777.6 Mbit/s bit-serial 8B/10B-base SBI336S bus.
In TelecomBus mode, the SBS implements conversion between any 19.44 MHz TelecomBus or
77.76 MHz TelecomBus format and a redundant 777.6 Mbit/s bit-serial 8B/10B-base serial
TelecomBus format. In line with the bus conversion is a DS0 granular switch allowing any input
DS0 to be output on any output DS0. The redundant 777.6 Mbit/s serial interfaces can be disabled
and a byte-wide SBI336 bus can be enabled in its place with all the DS0 level switching


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PM8610-BIAP SBI Bus Serializer (SBS)

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